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Hótel Glymur: Luxury Suites and Villas in the Land of Elves
While many hotels and tourism providers boast of customer satisfaction – Hótel Glymur in Hvalfjörður invites you to take their customers word for it. Being one of the best reviewed hotels in Iceland on with comments like “simply the best”, “magical” and “the best hotel I ever stayed at“, Hótel Glymur truly delivers when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Hótel Glymur is almost a village in its own right, located 75 km from Keflavíkur Airport in the magical Hvalfjörður Bay. Hótel Glymur offers 22 two story fully equipped luxury rooms and three larger suites, with wireless internet, flat screen TV’s and specially designed luxury furniture. You’ll have access to a spa with an outdoors exercise area, hot tubs and massages, to name a few. The hotel also serves as an art gallery of sorts, with over 280 art pieces on display.

Unique Dishes at Cafe Glymur and A la carte Restaurant
Hótel Glymur’s a la carte restaurant offers a wide variety of exciting dishes, including whale meat – which comes as no surprise as Hvalfjörður means “Bay of whales.” Cafe Glymur is open every day from noon until 17:00 offering a wide varitey of unique home-made dishes such as the Rustic Sandwich, Bow tie Donut and the Halla Hnalla¸Hótel Glymur‘s speical cake with cream and other temptations.

Hótel Glymur Holiday Homes
The latest additions to the “village” are the Hótel Glymur Villas – six individually designed luxury holiday homes each with its own theme. Each villa of course comes fully equipped with top quality furniture and the sunny verandas are equipped with hot thermal Jacuzzis, barbeques and outdoor furniture.

The themes are extremely innovative and should provide you with the vacation according to your desires. The Villa Elegance is for those who enjoy the finer things in life with Italian designs to please the eye, Villa Family provides the perfect family retreat with an assortment of games and a playing, Villa Nature puts the focus on nature’s tranquillity – complete with a small stream running parallel to the house, Villa Creativity is designed for meetings and creative workshops with state of the art technology in house, Villa Romance is for the romantics out there – whether you are on your honeymoon or rekindling the old flame and finally the Villa Couture is for the connoisseurs out there designed with a beautiful movable kitchen with state of the art culinary equipment.

Crossroads of the Hidden People
Hótel Glymur‘s road to success was not an easy one however as some claim that the beginning stages were plagued by supernatural events. It turned out that the hotel was built on the crossroads between lands of elves and the hidden people and to make things worse it was done without consulting them. A cloud of bad luck seemed to hover over the building for many years until the current proprietors took over the business. They soon found out the cause for the long run of bad luck and through psychic assistance, negotiated with their unseen neighbours. Today the hotel business is blooming and everything is done in cooperation with the hidden people – although the proprietors have never disclosed the details of the negotiations.

Close by the hotel you’ll find the Elven trail, where rumour has it you can even contact the elves through a certain ceremony which the hotel staff will undoubtedly help you with.

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