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Sagafjords: The Ultimate Learning Experience
Although travelling through Iceland is a good way to learn about the country and its inhabitants, the knowledge you acquire is always limited to the things you see and the people you meet. Imagine getting the chance to learn extensively about Iceland from respected university scholars through informative lectures and lively field trips in the remote and beautiful Westfjords of Iceland.

Next August the Sagafjords Learning Journey Workshop will be held for the first time in the friendly town of Patreksfjordur in the municipality of Vesturbyggð. The lectures cover such diverse topics such as the Geology of Iceland with a special focus on the geology of the West Fjords, The Ancient Manuscripts cover the origins of the Icelandic Sagas, their authors and their characteristics, Modern Iceland addresses the economic sectors, government and infrastructure of Iceland, Icelandic Nature of course covers vegetation and wildlife among others and Icelandic Culture discusses modern Icelandic literature and cinema. Each lecture is followed by a field trip relative to its topic – you’ll examine geological formations, historical sites mentioned in the Saga of Gísli Súrsson, stunning landscapes and bird cliffs, visit Icelandic businesses and Institutions and watch Icelandic films.

All the lecturers are renowned scholars and teachers at the University of Iceland who are waiting in anticipation to share their knowledge with those willing to hear. The workshops are conducted in either English, German or a Scandinavian language and after completion you are given a certificate issued by the University of Iceland.
Upon arrival participants will settle into comfortable flats in the seaside town of Bíldudalur, which is in Vesturbyggð municipality close to Patreksfjörður. The apartments come furnished with all modern conveniences. During the course of the program you’ll interact with the lecturers, locals and other participants – including eating local food together and enjoying local entertainment. There is of course plenty of free time during the program where you can explore the wide array of activities Vesturbyggð has to offer, such as hiking, sea angling, golfing, swimming, horseback riding and many more. A visit to a small village in the Westfjords is a memorable experience in itself, as the people are known for their friendly and hospitable demeanour. The surrounding region has some of Iceland’s most beautiful and pristine nature: statuesque mountains, deep fjords, verdant valleys, awesome bird cliffs and more.

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