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North Sailing: Old Time Sea Adventures and Whale Watching
As if standing in the awesome presence of the earth‘s largest creatures wasn‘t enough, imagine doing so on a traditional oak boat in the style of Iceland‘s forefathers. Whale watching company North Sailing in Húsavík offers you the chance to simultaneously experience some of the sailing traditions of pre-industrial Iceland and enjoy one of the most spectacular nature tours on earth.

North Sailing is one of the leading whale watching companies in Iceland and was the one to start scheduled whale watching trips from Húsavík. In Skjálfandi Bay, you‘ll have the chance to see Humpbacks, Minke Whales, Blue Whales, Dolphins and others. As you can see by the accompanying pictures North Sailing‘s staff are extremely skilled in finding and getting up close to these majestic creatures.

All of North Sailing‘s vessels are primarily made out of oak, a tradition which has long since been replaced by the introduction of metals and plastics. North Sailing started in 1994 when the company’s founders renovated a 20 ton oak boat and has now since become one of the leading Whale Watching companies in Iceland. All the boats have been renovated to accommodate modern standards and to give you the optimal whale watching experience.

In 2002 North Sailing introduced a 51 feet schooner to its fleet with a total of 6 sails which can give her a speed of up to 10 knots under full sails. There are probably few experiences that bring you closer to the forces of nature than sailing on the open sea with nothing but the wind driving you forward and whales swimming in the vicinity. The schooner has been met with such enthusiasm that North Sailing has purchased another one which will be fully operational in the summer.

A tour on a schooner is a unique experience which combines whale watching, bird watching and a sailing adventure. On board you experience the aura of past times by setting sails or assisting the skipper as a lee helmsman. The tour also includes a stop at Lundey, the puffin island, as well as the traditional whale watching areas. For the adventurous types the two day schooner tour is an opportunity not to be missed. The tour includes birdwatching, whale watching, a trip up to the Arctic Circle in Iceland‘s northernmost inhabited territory, Grímsey island and perhaps most importantly sailing through the opean ocean with the wind in your face and a sturdy boat under your feet.

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