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Detox holiday in Iceland!
In modern Western societies, everything happens fast, maybe too fast. As a result of this we have fallen into the habit of eating too fast, communicating too fast, working too stressfully, hurrying between places. We have disconnected from nature, we are no longer aware of what our body is telling us about food and excercise. Therefore we may need to do something to make peace with our body, like relaxing, getting healthy excercise and food and simply let it heal. The Jonina Ben’s Detox might be a perfect option for such peacemaking.

In Ásbrú on the Reykjanes peninsula, near to the Keflavik airport and the Blue Lagoon, the Jonina Ben’s Detox Center is situated along various other health practises, which form a sort of a health village. The detox center is a health hotel where you can stay during the two to three weeks long treatments.

Jonina has been a prominent figure in Iceland in the recent years. She is educated as a sports scientist and has run various kinds of businesses and programmes connected to her profession. Therefore, her views concerning health and excercise have been duly noted in Icelandic media. The Jonina Ben’s Detox therapy is a recognized medical method in Iceland but was originally developed in Poland by doctor Dr. Eva Dabrowska and aims at enabling the body to heal itself. It follows the ideology that the body needs cleaning, wheather it is in the form of a diet or colon cleansing. According to the doctrine, it is healthy for the human body to clean the colon once a year. The main emphasis is on regaining the balance which has been desturbed by our modern lifestyle. The program during the therapy is simple, the main objective being to invigorate your own body with new and healthier nutrition, to excercise by a great variety of gymnastics, walks and to take part in various kinds of treatments of your own choice. Rest is of great importance during the therapy; taking walks, having a massage or relaxing in the sauna, the salt chamber or in the hydro colon therapy. The therapy is conducted under the supervision of professionals, who advice each and every individual according to the doctrine.

The first treatment most often takes two weeks and starts every Friday. Those who have already been treated in Jonina’s detox center can also have shorter treatments. There are 50 spacious rooms in the health hotel. They have wooden floors, large American beds and both bathtubs and showers. All the rooms are equipped with wireless Internet and plasma-screens with DVDplayers. The outmost care has been taken to offer guests a comfortable environment completed with elegant dining- and living rooms, a gym, a sauna, infra-red cell and a hot tub. There is a strict schedule concerning meals; three times a day, at 9 a.m., 1.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. Between meals, people can take strolls, do some light gymnastics or partake in a treatment of their own choice. In the evenings you will find lectures, meetings and entertainment. The lectures concern the fasting (detox), nutrition, the body, the colon and the hydro colon therapy. It is really important to rest, though, during the therapy and therefore guests are adviced to choose activities of their own interest.

If you are engaged in a treatment at Jonina’s Detox Center you also have the possibility to go on three sight-seeing tours, the Golden Circle Tour, whale watching and a horse riding trip. You can also visit the Blue Lagoon on certain times for a special discount rate. In addition, one can get the receptionists at the health hotel to plan customized tours like city tours, river rafting, hiking tours and snow mobile tours to mention a few. Hydro colon therapy and its effects have been controversial. Jonina Ben’s detox empasizes on integral treatment concerning the cleansing, not only the use of medicine and the enema but also the correct diet and exercise. The purpose is to give people the possibility of a better quality of life, by any means possible. Therefore the detox center does not hesitate to mix together traditional Western medicine with alternative ones like herbal medicine or other methods instead of puting the main emphasis on drugs and medicine. The Jonina Ben’s detox’s main objective is to offer their visitors a new possibility to gain better health and balance. So if you seek a better physical balance it could be ideal for you to have a treatment at the Jonina Ben’s detox and visit Iceland in the way.

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