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Hotel Bláfell: Relax in a Romantic Environment
In the East of Iceland, surrounded by high, steep, magnificent mountains on the one hand and the sea on the other hand; lies a sweet little village by the name of Breiðdalsvík. In this village you will find Hotel Bláfell, named after the blueness of the mountains; a charming, wooden building, which will without doubt fill your days with a nice relaxing feeling while you hike during the day and sit by the hearth in the evening.

The hotel was first opened in 1982, when tourism hardly existed in Iceland, and has been enlargened since then. Friðrik Árnason, who owns the hotel together with his wife Hildur Hafsteinsdóttir, says that the weather in Breiðdalsvík is probably the most genial in the country, which makes gambling with the weather less risky for the traveller there than in other places.

“The village is calm and its habitants friendly, you will surely get the feeling that you are somewhere far off in the countryside, yet you will have almost every service you need in walking distance,” says Friðrik. “Plus the region offers plenty of activities, of which most are connected with nature in some way or another.” According to Friðrik one has to spend two to three days in Breiðdalsvík to be able to experience the surrounding nature in a recreative way.

Beiðadalsvík is located right by road nr. 1, or the “Circle” as it is better known, among the magnificent mountains of the East. It is on the edge of a broad bay in the Eastfjords. Breiðdalur (or Broad Valley) is surrounded by one of Iceland´s most beautiful mountain ranges with lofty, jagged peaks and sheer cliffs. There are plenty of walking routes around the village, for shorter tours one can go down to the coast Meleyri, which is rich of birdlife. For longer routes one can go towards the highlands and mountains on various hikes. The area is rich and geologically miscellaneous, which means that one can find various different sorts of colorful stones. In fact, the diversity is such that next to Bláfell Hotel, there is a special stone museum.

In Breiðdalur you will find three of Iceland´s most beautiful fishing rivers, Breiðdalsá, Tinnudalsá and Norðurdalsá. Walking along Breiðdalsá you must visit Beljandi waterfall, the most beautiful fall in the area. If you want to see diverse wildlife you will not be disappointed, with birds all around and you will literally be able to wach them right at the doorstep. If you are lucky you might even spot a reindeer and if you are really lucky you may see the elusive arctic fox, the largest indigenous land animal of Iceland.

The hotel itself is painted black outward with a blue roof making it quite attractive as you approach it. Most of its interior is wooden, giving you the nice feeling of being out of town in the middle of nature. The hotel has 25 rooms, all equipped with a bathroom, TV and telephone. There is a charming and comfortable sitting room with an open fire, perfect for enjoying the moment whether you are relaxing after a day exploring the local area, sitting with friends or just enjoying a good book. To perfect the relaxation, Hotel Bláfell offers its guests a sauna to wind down.

Hotel Blafell has its own restaurant, which proudly presents you with a cuisine largely composed of local ingredients. The lamb, beef and vegetables come from the farmers in the area and the sea food from the fishermen. “We bake our own bread and cakes and we even pick the berries for the desert ourselves,” says Friðrik.

Therefore, if you are looking for a pure nature experience, while staying in nice surroundings, near to all service, Hotel Bláfell is without doubt a splendid choice. Especially if you are seeking a romantic getaway as well.

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