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Witness First Hand How Fish Skin is Turned into Leather
The only working tannery in Iceland has now opened its doors to visitors, giving you the chance to see how fish-skin is processed to make high quality leather for use in design, crafts and manufacturing.

The Tannery is located in the town of Sauðárkrókur in the northwest of Iceland. To give you a glimpse of how the production process takes place, the Tannery has now opened the Tannery Visitor Center where visitors gain access to the tannery and the leather products it makes. You will be given a hands-on tour where you‘ll walk the factory floors and witness the entire tanning process from start to finish.

On sale at the Tannery Visitor Centre are leather goods from a variety of designers and craftspeople: all the products and craft goods are made from leather produced in the Sauðárkrókur tannery. You can also raw materials directly from the tannery: for instance fish-leather, decorative longhair lambskins, double-faced shearling skins, lamb and reindeer leather, etc – ideal for craftspeople and creative types looking for new inspirations.

Two Companies Under One Roof
Atlantic Leather and its subsidiary, Lodskinn, are both located in the tannery in Sauðárkrókur, each specialising in its own field. Atlantic Leather makes fish-leather from four different fish species, while Lodskinn’s main production is decorative longhair lambskins. The use of fish leather for practical purposes has a long history in Iceland and with years of development Atlantic Leather has managed to reclaim age-old skills and methods that had, to a large extent, been lost.

Atlantic Leather places a special emphasis on sustainability and only sources robust fishing stocks which are far from any risk of endangerment. The fish species Atlantic Leather uses are: salmon, which swims wild in the in the North Atlantic Ocean but enters Icelandic rivers to breed; cod, which is Iceland‘s most common marine export; wolffish, which is a deep sea fish and Nile perch all the way from Lake Victoria in Africa.

Atlantic Leather‘s location is ideally suited for sustainable fish leather production. Sauðárkrókur is not far from rich fishing and also enjoys other natural resources such as geothermal hot water and renewable energy from a hydroelectric power station. Employment and education in the area are both of a high standard and, while it has fewer than 3,000 inhabitants, Sauðárkrókur is the centre of commerce, education and culture in the Skagafjörður region.

The Tannery Visitor Centre is open 13:00 to 17:00 from 1 June to 15 September. Guided tours of the tannery on working days: at 14:00 or by arrangement.
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The Tannery Visitor Centre
Gestastofa Sútarans

Borgarmýri 5 - 550 Sauðárkrókur
Phone (+354) 512 8025

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