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Editor's Note
“Inspired by Iceland” was the name chosen for a unique marketing campaign which was launched as a response to the detrimental effect that the volcanic eruptions in Eyjafjallajökull turned out to have on the Icelandic tourism industry - and a better name could hardly have been chosen! It has been truly inspiring to witness folk from all walks of life joining hands in an effort to prove that our island is indeed as inspiring and stimulating a place to visit as it ever was.

During the campaign, several noted artists, both local and international, were more than willing to lend a helping hand to the country which helped inspire their art, proving that our unique landscapes and culture leave few untouched. Icelanders with friends abroad were invited to use a common platform to recommend a vacation in Iceland to their friends abroad and it was most heart-warming to see the positive response from our tiny nation. As it turns out, we are indeed inspired by Iceland!

Now is the peak of the season and the time to be in Iceland. The small seaside towns are full of life and, in almost all of them, you’ll find a lively festival where you are invited to join the locals in the celebrations. The waterfalls, geysers, mountains and rivers are all sporting their finest colours and the people are in the best of spirits.

If you have already landed in Iceland, we wish you a safe and pleasant journey and hope that within these pages you’ll find helpful information and new ideas to make your trip more memorable. For you who are reading this from outside Iceland: stop reading, buy a ticket, bring this magazine along and prepare to be inspired!

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