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Dogsledding on the Langjökull Glacier
The dogsleds are operated on the Langjökull glacier in the western part of the central Icelandic highlands. Currently the company offers tours during the summer from June to August/ September, but there are plans for longer tours in winter 2011. After a 3-hour drive to the glacier from Reykjavík, you will be transported to the glacier itself either by 4x4 or by snow mobile. The tour lasts 45 to 60 minutes depending on the weight of the sled and the condition of the snow.

Dog trolley – sledding without a sled! In the autumn when there isn’t enough snow in the highlands and the glaciers are not safe for sledding, the company offers another kind of sledding experience. This is the ‘dog trolley’, a specially-built trolley that the dogs can pull like a sled. On these tours, passengers are given the opportunity to have a nice break in the middle of the tour, and then there is plenty of time for photography and dog-petting.

You might even get the chance to drive the trolley yourself! Dogsledding was introduced in Iceland in 1998 and the company has been operating since 2007. Originally starting with 16 Greenland sled dogs, they now have 28 dogs and another 6 puppies awaiting training in the spring of 2011.

How to Get There
From Reykjavik: take the Ring Road west through Mosfellsbær, turning right on road 36 which takes you all the way to Thingvellir. At Thingvellir, take road 52 and then the F550, which is a mountain road called Kaldidalur. From there, make a right turn onto road F551 that will take you all the way to the basecamp, Jaki. Alternate route from Borgarnes: Heading west out of Reykjavík, drive through Mosfellsbær to Borgarnes. Before the bridge at Borgarnes, take the road to the right to Reykholt. From Reykholt, take road 517 to Husafell and then road 550, the Kaldidalur mountain road. Drive 10 km before making a left turn onto road F551 which will take you to the basecamp Jaki. The company recommends booking in advance.

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