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Snerra Calendars: A Great Way to Remember Iceland By
SNERRA is Iceland’s leading calendar publishing company, founded in 1983. It has a long tradition of developing high quality calendars, books and booklets. What better way to remember your visit to Iceland than with an all-Icelandic calendar, so that every time you check the date you‘re greeted with majestic landscapes, the peculiar puffin or the graceful Icelandic horse?

The Calendars
Snerra publishing house has printed such calendars for over 25 years now and is renowned for its quality photos and professional workmanship. Snerra has now printed a new line of calendars for the year 2011. The calendars come in various shapes and sizes and with different themes; including landscapes in all seasons, birdlife, horses and one is dedicated entirely to the puffin. The calendars come with text in Icelandic, English, German and French and some have official Icelandic holidays marked. That way you won‘t forget to celebrate the 17th of June in 2011 or the first day of Icelandic summer.

Calendars are also a nice way to share your experiences from your tour of Iceland with those who stayed at home. Calendars from Iceland are in fact a beautiful present on any occasion. They are a beautiful present which is of use throughout the year!

The Icelandic Puzzle
The Icelandic puzzle is a new product from Snerra. It is a game, played with 40 cards. The objective of the game, which is for 2-4 players aged 8 and older, is to create a map of Iceland. To prepare the game the cards are shuffled and each player is dealt 5 cards. The remaining cards are placed in a stack. The top card is turned over and placed in the middle of the playing area and counts as the Start Card. The youngest player starts and must try to place one or more of his cards around the Start Card. If the player does not have a suitable card then they must take one from the stack and the play moves on clockwise to the next player. The player first to play all of his cards is the winner.

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