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The Ghost Centre: Enter the Spine Chilling Ghost-Maze
Much has been said and written about Icelandic folklore in recent times and many have been surprised to hear that a developed nation, such as Iceland, still believes in elves and hidden people. But Icelandic folklore also has a much darker and scarier side – as The Ghost Centre in Stokkseyri will tell you all about. In the same building you’ll also find a museum devoted to the world of trolls, elves and the Northern Lights.
Explore Iceland’s Scariest Legacy
Ever since the Settlement, Iceland has been plagued by various malevolent spirits and ghosts which either battled men directly, led them to their deaths or tormented them endlessly. The Icelandic Sagas are filled with descriptions of mysterious apparitions and this scary legacy exists up until this day.

The Ghost Centre in Stokkseyri is devoted to the tales of Iceland’s most famous ghosts. Through an audio-guided commentary, visitors walk through a spine-chilling 1,000 square meter ghost-maze on the third floor of the house, where they experience the stories in the environment where the ghastly tales actually happened. The stories can be heard in English, German, French, Spanish, Scandinavian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Icelandic.

The tales are as varied as they are plentiful. You’ll hear tales of drowned seafarers seeking revenge on hapless landlubbers, mischievous spectres who lead unsuspecting travellers astray, female ghosts haunting their male tormentors and ghost horse stampedes - to name a few!

Drink with the Alcohol Ghost
For the faint of heart, a stop at The Ghost Bar might be advisable before entering the museum itself. It is decorated in the style of the museum itself and sets the mood for what is to come. For the truly brave and fearless, staying the night at The Ghost Centre is also possible. Other activities in Stokkseyri are plentiful – right next to the museum you’ll find one of the most esteemed lobster restaurants in Iceland called Fjöruborðið, as well as an impressive art gallery. You can go kayaking and visit a local petting zoo to name a few.

On the first floor of the same building that houses the Ghost Centre, you’ll find the Icelandic Wonders – a museum encompassingapproximately 1,200 square meters, dedicated to elves, trolls and Northern Lights. There you can experience their world and view the Northern Lights surrounded by snow and ice. Inside the museum is also a souvenir shop where you will find a good range of Icelandic homemade goods, books and things associated with elves, trolls, ghosts and Northern Lights.

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