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Argentina Steakhouse: Class and Comfort
Restaurants in Reykjavik’s city centre come and go, but some have been there for a long time and are firmly established. Argentína Steakhouse is one of those places – an all-time classic steak house located on Barónsstígur.

Argentína Steakhouse opened 1989 and has been one of the most popular restaurants in Iceland ever since and with good reason. It was selected ‘Restaurant of the Year’ in 2000 - the same year that Reykjavík was designated as one of the nine European cities of culture.

The restaurant is located on Baronsstigur, a few metres down from Laugavegur, the main shopping street of Reykjavik, a quiet side street where one would perhaps not expect to find one of the city’s finest restaurants located. Argentína´s entrance, a small wooden panelled passage lit by torches sets the mood for the evening to come. The entrance is dark and rustic, but once you get inside, there is no doubt that the restaurant is top quality. Visitors are greeted in the lobby by a fireplace, leather sofas and other rustic decorations that provide both style and comfort.

Already underlying in the name is the South American spirit of the place and the prime focus is on South American style steaks. Meat and fish, grilled Argentinean style, is the restaurants main fare and the outstanding skill and creativity of the chefs emerge in their presentation as well as in the wide selection of starters and desserts. Argentína was the first Icelandic restaurant to offer steaks by weight and the main courses on the menu have been unchanged since its inception. Icelandic ingredients prevail and only Icelandic beef of superior quality is on offer.

Icelandic cattle have remained unchanged since the time of the settlers, over 1,000 years ago. They are smaller than elsewhere and renowned for their quality as the body develops slowly, making the meat more stable, the muscles finer and allowing more time for fat to build up. Fat is absolutely necessary for the meat to grill perfectly and for the steak to turn out succulent and tender.

On the menu, you can also find wide selection of seafood and the very tender Icelandic lamb. The soothing and comfortable atmosphere and the excellent food allow for an exceptional dining experience. The impressive selection of cognac, whiskey, port and liqueurs provide the finishing touch to a night of where fire meets with ice.

The dining experience at Argentína Steakhouse is superb. It is a smooth mixture of old fashioned class and comfort as well as up-to-date cooking, style and atmosphere. Over the years, Argentína steakhouse has become an ultimate sign for class and comfort in the minds of the locals of Reykjavik. More information is available on Argentína,  Barónsstíg 11, 101 Reykjavík Phone: (+354)551 9555

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