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Puffin Express: Whales and Puffins in their Natural Environment
Have you ever dreamed of seeing whales swimming in the ocean or the colourful puffin flying around you? Then take a stroll down to the Reykjavik harbor and buy a ticket to one of Puffin Express’ tours.

Whale Watching
Puffin Express offers both puffin watching tours and whale watching tours from Reykjavik’s old harbour. In the whale watching tours you’ll see the whales in their natural environment, quite up close and personal. The friendly guides will point out where to spot the whales on the surface of the sea and give you interesting information about the different kinds of whales you can expect to see.

The whales are not so shy, so they often surface quite close to the boat. When Icelandic Times joined Puffin Express’ whale watching tour we saw minke whales several times on different locations and once one of the minke whales went so high up it was almost as if it was jumping out of the sea.

The whale watching tours take 2-2.5 hours. They are shorter than most other whale watching tours because Rósin, the main whale watching boat of Puffin Express, is quite a fast cruiser. The boat was designed specially for the company and equipped with all necessities. It has a heated accommodation and comfortable seats for up to 70 people. It can get quite cold on the sea and on the way out and back you can sit in the warmth downstairs with some hot coffee in your hands, which comes free of charge.

Puffin Watching
The small islands off Reykjavik’s coast are great for puffin watching with thousands of puffins nesting there every summer. Puffin Express offers tours especially designed for seeing the puffins. The boat takes you quite close to one of the puffin islands where you take a break and you can observe the colourful bird-life, both puffins on the island or sitting on the sea. This tour takes only one hour. You sail to the island and around it with several breaks in between. On the Puffin Express tours you can see all kinds of sea birds also.

The Whales You See Around Iceland
Harbour Porpoise. A rather small whale, dark grey or dark brown on the back with a white belly. A dark stripe extends from its dark flippers to its eyes. Feeds on herring, cod and non-spiny fishes.

White-beaked dolphin. Up to 3 metres long whale weighing up to 350kg. Loves to bow ride. Feeds on sand eels, herring, cod, whiting and haddock.

Minke whale. A counter-shaded black to dark grey-coloured whale on the back with a white belly. Feeds on small schooling fish, e.g. cod.

Humpback whale. Black upper side and mottled black and white belly. Feeds on krill and various kinds of small fish.

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