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Thermal Pools in Iceland
Scattered throughout the country, you’ll find amazing hidden pools of water where you can swim and relax in hot water surrounded by beautiful landscapes, far from the bustle of city life. The problem is that many of them are indeed ‘hidden’ and are often hard to reach – or are they? A duo of industrious young travellers has decided to attempt to reach some of these pools using only a book, an ingenuous web-site and their thumbs! The whole endeavour will be documented on film, which places special emphasis on responsible and environmental travel options in Iceland.

This innovative enterprise was inspired by the aacclaimed photobook, ‘Thermal Pools in Iceland,’ by Jón G. Snæland and Þóra Sveinbjörnsdóttir. When friends Helga Sveinsdóttir and Harpa Fönn Sigurjónsdóttir read the book, they were instantly inspired to seek out these hidden pearls using only economic travelling. During the summer they will be hitchhiking to these remote pools anywhere from the South, the East and to the barren highlands – proving that not everyone needs a 4x4 to enjoy these pearls of Iceland. They will also be utilising the travel website where car-owners with empty seats and travellers without vehicles can find each other and save the environment considerable air pollution by carpooling to shared destinations.

You can follow the girls’ adventure on and if you‘re looking for a travelling companion take a look at The book, 'Thermal Pools in Iceland' can be found in most major Icelandic book stores.

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