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Gljúfrasteinn: The Writer's House
Gljúfrasteinn is a museum dedicated to the memory of the Nobel prize writer, Halldór Laxness. The house, which has been converted into a museum, was his home during the later years of his life. It contains some of the furniture, books and art Laxness and his wife, Auður, surrounded themselves and their children with.

Gljúfrasteinn is not only a museum worth visiting to see the home of one of the most famous Icelandic writers, but there are often delightful activities organised by the museum and its partners for visitors to enjoy.

Pen and paper
Pen and Paper is an exciting childrens’ adventure. Together with nine other participants, Gljúfrasteinn has organised a mystery scavenger hunt across Western Iceland. As the children visit each of the ten cites, they will collect a piece of the puzzle until finally ending up with a thrilling story and the solution to the mystery.

Walking Paths
Halldór Laxness was an ardent outdoors man and often walked about the beautiful vicinity of Gljúfrasteinn. Those who visit Gljúfrasteinn are encouraged follow in his footsteps and enjoy the numerous walking paths surrounding the muesum. The house stands at the river Kaldakvísl and is on the land of the Laxness Farm, where Laxness grew up (and took his family name from). The garden surrounding the house is open to the public and good walking paths can be found from there. Guests may wander upstream along the river to the deserted farm of Bringur or downstream along Kaldakvíst towards Guddulaug (Gudda´s Spring). Laxness tells of Gudda’s Spring in one of his books and considered the water especially wholesome. The ice cold water of the spring is indeed a delight.

For the sixth year in a row, Gljúfrasteinn is hosting a series of weekly concerts. These concerts have become very popular and it is indeed in the spirit of the house to have live music played every week. These concerts take place on Tuesdays and feature well-known Icelandic musicians and artists.

The museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily throughout the summer.
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