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Hótel Glymur: Your Home Away From Home
If you are looking for top quality accommodation close to the capital, you need to look no further than Hótel Glymur. Located in the magical Hvalfjörður Bay (just 45 minutes from Reykjavík) Hótel Glymur guarantees a stay you won’t forget. Hótel Glymur places special emphasis on customer satisfaction which has resulted in it being the highest reviewed Icelandic hotel on the popular travel website

You’ll find that Hótel Glymur’s services and accommodation are all of top notch quality - the main hotel building was completely renovated in 2006 and their unique luxury villas were opened this summer. All the rooms are decorated with specially designed furniture and artwork and come equipped with wireless internet, flat screen TV’s, telephones, mini-bars and coffee makers. The villas each have their own theme and are equipped accordingly – Villa Elegance come with the finest art and design, Villa Creativity is designed for creative workshops and meetings, Villa Couture comes equipped with the finest culinary equipment, Villa Family is ideal for quality family time, Villa Nature is the perfect nature relaxation resort and Villa Romance is for all the lovers out there.

Customer Satisfaction
But according to Hansína B. Einarsdóttir, co-owner of Hótel Glymur, they are proudest of the comments and kind words from satisfied customers. Hansína says that comments customers left on such as, “The moment you step foot in Hótel Glymur, you are at home” and “Staying at Hótel Glymur was a joy. The staff was extremely friendly and we were treated like family” are really what motivates her at the end of the day.

Extraordinary Dining Experience
The restaurant in Hótel Glymur is equally acclaimed by its customers and comments on such as “the food is amazing” and “the dining experience was extraordinary. Hótel Glymur’s restaurant is run by a second-generation Scandinavian master chef,” should speak for themselves

Views From Another Planet
Hótel Glymur’s immediate surroundings are, as one customer put it, “like something from another planet – God’s work at its best.” As ancient folklore has it, the hotel is located at the crossroads of the lands of elves and hidden people, so don’t be surprised to see some benevolent creatures in the rocks. You can even find a special walking path which points out specific locations connected to these mysterious beings. And if you are wondering where Hótel Glymur’s name comes from – it is named after one of Europe’s highest waterfalls, the majestic Glymur, which can be easily reached from the hotel.

For further information and booking visit Tel. +354 430 3100

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