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Bassi Ltd.: Boat Tours Around Faxaflói and Hvalfjörður
For an up-close and personal nature experience, a Bassi tour is the way to go. Bassi is a family-owned and operated company providing uniquely personal tours both in the waters around Reykjavík and in the Icelandic highlands.

Visitors who choose one of the popular sea tours will sail out in one of Bassi’s 17-foot, ribbed inflatable boats. Each boat can carry up to 7 passengers and have been selected for uncompromising safety and comfort. Bassi also supplies every passenger with safety suits, boots and gloves. Guests are invited to take part in all activities on board – including operating the boats, under the guidance of one of Bassi’s skilled guides. The company’s founder, Erlingur Einarsson has gone to great lengths to provide guests with a first-hand encounter with the best of Iceland’s breath-taking natural beauty. “All those who have been on our tours agree that this is the ultimate nature experience. By taking an active part in a tour of this small scale, clients say they’ve felt truly one with nature,” says Einarsson.

A Pleasant Afternoon in Faxaflói Bay
If you are looking for a pleasant afternoon on the waters around Reykjavík, the four-hour tour of Faxaflói Bay is the tour for you. The tour starts with a pick-up from your accomodation and departs from Reykjavík Harbour. You’ll tour the city from the sea before sailing around the islands in the bay, where you’ll get up close and personal with its inhabitants – the birds, including the colourful puffin! For those in the mood for fishing, Bassi’s Icelandic Fishing Adventure offers you the chance to go sea angling in the bay - quality fishing rods and bait are, of course, included

Bay of Whales
Hvalfjörður Bay (Hvalfjörthur Bay) was once one of Iceland’s primary whaling centres. Einarsson has lived by the bay for over three decades and used to work there as a whale cutter. Einarsson’s enthusaism will captivate you as he shares a lifetime of local knowledge. In an unforgettable tour, Einarsson will guide you along-side Iceland’s iconic whaling boats as they come into the bay, where you might even be able to see the whalers make the first cut into a freshly caught whale. An evening tour of Hvalfjörður Bay under the midnight sun is an opportunity not to be missed - you’re sure to enjoy the company of the birds and seals that live in the bay. And don’t forget, Einarsson knows the freshwater fishing opportunities in Hvalfjörður like the back of his hand and will be pleased to arrange for such trips.

Highland Adventures
Smaller groups looking for the ultimate fishing experience should ask Einarsson about freshwater fishing in the highlands of Iceland. You will enjoy spending a couple of days, or longer, fishing some of the most remote lakes around. Bassi provides accommodation in a camper trailer and supplies meals and equipment – all you have to do is show up and have fun. Bassi can also arrange custom tours to fit your own personal requests. The Bassi motto is to give the customer as much flexibility as possible. So just call or send an email and arrange the vacation of a lifetime. To contact Bassi you can go to their website:

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