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Exploring Breiðafjörður Bay with Seatours
Seatours sail out of Stykkishólmur and offers a variety of sailing trips in Breiðafjörður bay. Breiðafjörður is famous for its innumerable islands, many of which were inhabited in former times. Now only a few remain settled, among them Flatey, where the 19th century ambience has been preserved unchanged like nowhere else in Iceland (not a car in sight).

Unique Adventure Tour
The most popular tour is called, ‘Unique Adventure Tour’. It is somewhat of an introduction to Breiðafjörður. “You’ll get the opportunity to see some of the most interesting islands on Breiðafjörður, which have multi-faceted bird-life and beautiful columnar cliffs,” says Nadine Walter from Seatours. “For example, if you are lucky, you will get a chance to see an eagle on this trip as we try to spot their nests beforehand and we have a special permit to approach its areas. There is also a great variety of other birds, like the ever-colourful puffin,” says Nadine. This trip runs twice daily during the summertime, at 11:00 and 14.30 and lasts for just over two hours. “On this trip we also fish for some scallops and sea urchins and give people a chance to taste this strange and beautiful sea food.”

Sea Angling
“But if you really want to do the fishing yourself, I would definitely recommend the Sea Angling trip,” says Nadine. “You will get your own fishing pole and it won’t take long until a fish bites and most often, it will be the fish that has fed Icelanders throughout the centuries – the cod. Seatours have made an agreement with the local restaurants in Stykkishólmur to cook the fish you and your family catch. It is certainly a special feeling to eat something that you have caught yourself - especially for the kids. This tour runs twice a day, at 10:00 and 13:00 during the summertime.

Seatours also run the ferry, ‘Baldur’, which goes from Stykkishólmur to the Westfjords. Baldur stops at Flatey with its 19th century village. Seatours invite you to take the ferry to see Flatey and then take whichever ferry you want back. There are also several other tours, so take a look at to see the possibilities.

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