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Eiderdown: Nature's Best Insulation Material
The people of Breiðafjörður Bay have been collecting eiderdown in Hrappsey Island since the 15th century and continue to do so today. Family company, Eiderdown still collects, processes and sells quality duvets and pillows made out of nature’s finest insulation material.

Eiderdown collecting in Hrappsey is entirely sustainable and done without any harm to the birds or their offspring. On the contrary, the people of Eiderdown provide the birds with shelter which provides protection from predatory birds and harsh weather conditions.

To insulate their nests, the Eider Bird (Somateria mollissima) remove their own feathers and line their nests with them. With hundreds of years of experience the people of Breiðafjörður have found a way to harvest the down manually while the birds go in search for food and replace it with appropriate substitutes.

A man named Jón Pétursson, born in 1584, discovered a successful way of cleaning the eiderdown and today his descendants in Eiderdown are still producing eiderdown based on his techniques. As soon as the down is collected, it is heated in an oven up to 130° and afterwards put in special machines which process it to give it full volume and softness. It is then cleaned manually and given to the down inspector for approval. Finally it is stuffed into duvets and pillows and washed with a special technique which ensures that the down does not decrease in levels of natural fat.

The final products are guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable during cold winter nights.

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