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Fossatún: Camp Out in the Land of Trolls
Throughout the centuries, enigmatic rock formations in Iceland have spawned numerous tales of trolls who failed to reach their home before sunrise for various reasons and were turned to stone. Fossatún in Borgarfjörður Bay celebrates this folklore tradition and has created a Troll adventure land where you can get to know these fearsome giants up close and personal! There you’ll be invited to take an informative Troll hike, participate in Troll inspired games and see some very impressive statues of the local trolls.

Fossatún is just an hour’s drive from Reykjavík and there you’ll find a five star campsite, a family-run quality restaurant, beautiful scenery, and incredible outdoors games for the entire family - not just the kids.

The Face in the Rocks
The restaurant in Fossatún overlooks the magical Troll Falls. The owner and creator of Fossatún, Steinar Berg, had previously tried to inquire about the origin of the name of the beautiful waterfalls, but had eventually failed as the origin had long since been forgotten. But during a traditional Christmas buffet, he wanted to brighten up his visitors’ day by using floodlights to light up the waterfalls in the cold and dark winter evening and it was then that he saw the troll’s face in the rocks!

That very winter Steinar claims to have spent countless nights conversing with the trolls and the following spring, he emerged with the stories of the trolls in Fossatún, which were later published with illustrations by noted artist Brian Pilkington.

Tales of the Trolls in Fossatún
The stories were a success and people started showing up in Fossatún wanting to see the setting of the tales and now, a few years later, Steinar has created a truly magical adventure land where the trolls reign as kings. Among attractions are some very innovative troll inspired family games, where all family members can participate. You’ll find the head of Bölmóður¸the troll who couldn’t contain himself and sank to the ground. The finishing piece this summer will be a seven foot statue of Grýla, a predominant female troll in Steinar’s tales, sitting down holding an immense cauldron.

Among attractions in the ever-popular troll-hike is a rock formation where troll-related locations are marked with very informative and entertaining signs in Icelandic, English, Norwegian, German and French. One such location is a rock formation into which a troubled troll woman released all her worries and troubles, with the help of a local troll witch doctor. Her hand imprint can still be seen in the rock and rumour has it that the magic still works! So you can place your hand in the imprint, recite a magical verse and all your troubles will be infused into the rock!

The hike then ends in Troll Falls, where you can see the troll head which inspired this wonderland of Trolls.

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