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Sailing Trips from Grundarfjörður: Birds, Fish and Romance
The village of Grundarfjörður is situated at the centre of the Snæfellsnes area, within a short distance from all the sights, of which the Snæfellsjökull glacier is the most spectacular. However, the Snæfellsnes area offers many and varied delights, large and small. One of them is the bay of Breiðafjörður with its innumerable islands and varied wildlife of birds, fish, seals and whales.

Láki SH 55
This summer, tourists who visit Grundarfjörður or other places close by will be offered a unique opportunity to take a tour on Láki SH 55, a 30-ton fishing boat made of oak, which has been refurbished for the purpose of sightseeing. In addition to scheduled trips, it is also possible to book the boat for groups of any size and shape, up to 40 people.

Whales, Birds and Fish
Three scheduled trips depart each day. At ten o’clock in the morning, the first trip of the day begins. This tour offers a mixture of general nature appreciation, bird-watching and fish-catching. The tour takes three and a half hours. The boat sails north from Grundarfjörður, out of the Grundarfjörður bay towards the island of Melrakkaey. Melrakkaey is a bird-protectorate because of its very varied and flourishing bird life. Many puffins and cormorants nest on the island, as well as fulmars, black-backed gulls, kittiwake, goose and sandpipers. Sometimes the phalarope also nests there. On the way back from the island, passengers are given the opportunity to catch some fish of their own.

Fish and Romance
On the second trip of the day, the boat leaves the harbour at 2 pm. This is a special fishing tour, solely for those who want to catch fish – and lots of fish. Cod, haddock, halibut, sole and various other tasty fish can be caught in the rich fishing grounds of Grundarfjörður bay.

The third and last sailing of the day is a romantic tour of Grundarfjörður and surroundings. At 8 o’clock in the evening, the Láki leaves the harbour for a sailing tour around the bay and out to Melrakkaey. Passengers can watch the birds on Melrakkaey and often a whale or two can be seen along the way. Light food and drinks can be enjoyed on the trip during the evening. This, of course, gets even more romantic in late summer, when dusk falls earlier.

Other Possibilities for Leisure in Snæfellsnes
Opportunities for leisure are many and varied in the vicinity of Grundarfjörður. The Snæfellsjökull National Park is only 25 km away with its spectacular vistas of lava fields, calderas and craters, pebbled beaches and lava plugs. Remains of medieval fisheries can be seen at Hellissandur and the old ‘verstöðvar’ (fishing stations), such as Dritvík, which was populated by farmers and farmhands from all over Iceland in winter, can be explored. Glacier trips, hiking, bird watching, horse riding or just chilling out in the magnificent nature are among the possibilities. The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is also a haven for migratory birds making it a birdwatchers paradise. Many species have been spotted in and around Grundarfjörður, among them the arctic tern, white-tailed eagle, guillemot, Slavonian grebe, fulmar and eider.

Where to Book a Trip
The trips on Láki can be booked at the Hótel Framnes in Grundarfjörður, Tel: 438 6893, at the Tourist Information (Eyrbyggja Sögumiðstöð) Grundarfjörður (Tel: 438 1881) and Grundarfjördur Hostel (Tel: 895 6533). The company organising the tours is Laki Tours, Grundarfjörður.

Hotel Framnes
Tel: 438 6893

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