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Varma: Stay Warm in and out of Iceland
The wool of the Icelandic sheep has kept Icelanders warm over centuries of harsh weather conditions. Now, in the time of warm houses and automobiles, the label ‘Varma – Warmth of Iceland’, honours the age-long importance of the Icelandic wool and maintains the old and important tradition of knitting. Varma has an amazingly wide variety of knitwear, available in every proper souvenir-store in Iceland.

Varma is entirely an Icelandic production, as every single step of the process is done in Iceland. None of the steps of the production are made on the other side of the planet, as is so often the case in the clothing industry nowadays. Thus, one can surely say that Varma is both a sustainable and eco-friendly production.

Varma’s main aim is to keep people warm and comfortable, both Icelanders and visitors. Varma is produced by Glófi, one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of Icelandic woollen goods both within Iceland and abroad.

Varma’s styles range from styles and patterns based on the Icelandic tradition to the latest fashion trends. As an example of that, Varma has just released a new designer knitwear collection, Blik, designed by knitwear designer Laufey Jónasdóttir.

The Varma brand offers you everything from socks to sweaters, including items like mittens, hats, headbands, gloves, scarves and shawls, as well as a fine selection of various sweaters, cardigans and capes made from high quality Icelandic wool.

Varma’s shawls and scarves are especially attractive, both the material and the knitting pattern, clearly under the influence of the Icelandic knitwear tradition. At the same time, they are both elegant and stylish, making you feel cosy and fabulous. The same can be said about many of the products, like the beautiful sweaters and jackets.

The new design line, Blik, also boasts beautiful and stylish products, simple in form, often having unique patterns made by the designer. You will probably recognise this line in the stores by its distinctive anchor-shaped logo. More items in which the old Icelandic patterns and motifs are used are the mittens and gloves with rose patterns, so commonly made by Icelandic grandparents.

In addition to the knitwear, Varma also offers traditional sheepskin products, like exceptionally warm children’s hats, slippers and mittens. Soft and comfortable socks of Angora-wool are yet another item Varma offers you to keep yourself warm.

If you seek the perfect protection from the Icelandic weather, Varma’s products are ideal for you. Icelandic wool has played its part in the survival of Icelanders through the centuries, being light, water repellent and breathable. Their use of this material, whether in traditional ways or modern, shows the respect Varma has for its heritage.

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