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  • Autumn in Uthlið
  • Valley near Ólafsfjörður

As the colours of summer fade and Iceland slips into her winter coat, a page is turned and a new chapter on the landscape begins. Each season in Iceland has its own unique attributes and the winter season will no doubt have a few pleasant surprises in store for us this year, as well.

The summer was truly memorable as we watched temperatures rise to very pleasant highs in the 20’s °C (80’s °F) throughout the country for days on end, much to our delight as well as the delight of our many visitors. Eyafjallajökull, which roared to life earlier in the year and made headlines around the world, quietened down considerably - just in time for summer - and has barely made a peep since then.

It has been an exciting year so far on many fronts in Iceland and more excitement is expected with the possible dawning of a new “Age of Auroras” which has been predicted for 2010-2014. We have already witnessed quite a few magnificent Northern Lights displays in the past few who knows what the future holds?
  • Frozen waterfall Öxaráfoss
This issue of the Icelandic Times pays particular attention to the East of Iceland, with its deep fjords, majestic mountains and fertile land. The East has a countless number of interesting sites to visit, invigorating routes to walk, and cultural wonders to see. Especially during the winter festival, ‘Days of Darkness’, when everything connected to the term darkness is celebrated, whether ghost stories, ‘dark drinks’ or romantic candle-light dinners. The quiet towns in the East especially are among the most therapeutic and relaxing places you could ever hope to experience.

If you have already landed in Iceland, we wish you a safe and pleasant journey and hope that within these pages you’ll find new ideas and helpful information to make your trip more memorable. For those pondering where to go over the holidays or over the New Year: make it special, make it memorable - experience Iceland in her winter coat.

The next issue of Icelandic Times will be published in December 2010. The opinions expressed in Icelandic Times do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, publishers or their agents. Though the content of this issue has been meticulously prepared, no warranty is made about its accuracy and completeness.

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