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A Feast Fit for Kings

There are several ‘must-sees’ when it comes to tourist attractions in Iceland – The Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss and Geysir, Thingvellir and a cosy seaside lobster restaurant in the quiet town of Stokkseyri.

For over 15 years Fjörubordid has been satisfying customers from all over the world to great acclaim. It is customary when Iceland receives prominent visitors, to take them on a tour of Iceland’s most interesting locations and it is not uncommon that such tours end in Fjörubordid. Whether it be famous rock stars and actors, respected politicians and world leaders or members of royalty, Fjörubordid has served them all.

The restaurant is located on the ocean shore (in fact the name roughly translates as ‘the seaside’) giving a splendid view to set the mood. The restaurant’s interiors and surroundings are quite humble and modest, but can accommodate groups of all sizes.

The main attractions however are the lobster dishes for which Fjörubordid is famous. The staple Village Lobster is a perennial favourite. It is grilled in garlic butter, served with bread and various sauces. The lobster soup is a delicacy to die for! – Fjörubordid‘s proprietors claim that many Icelanders and visitors risk travelling from the capital during hail storms and risky weather just for a taste of the soup. The lobster feast is a dining experience you won‘t soon forget. With up to 400 grams of lobster, lobster soup and some homemade pastries, you are sure to leave satisfied. Just be sure to bring your appetite!

The town of Stokkseyri is definitely worth a visit in itself. – A tranquil former fishing and trading centre where the people are friendly and the food is good, Stokkseyri now houses one of the scariest museums you‘ll ever come across – The Ghost Centre. The Wildlife Museum has displays of a large number of Icelandic mammals and birds, as well as mammals from Africa and Greenland, including a shoulder mount of musk ox, full mount polar bear, a giraffe and full mount lions, male and a female.

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