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“The Perfect Balance of Luxury and Comfort, a True Gem”

These are the words from an appreciative customer of Glymur Resort recommending thehotel to other users of, where the resort scores top ratings. The resort is a comfortable 40-minute drive from the capital and is open all year round.

The highest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur, is situated at the innermost point of Hvalfjörður – the Fjord of Whales. Glymur waterfall is a hidden treasure of sorts, as it is not accessible by car. The resort derives its name from the nearby waterfall.

Great care has been taken in making the Glymur’s interior both uniquely beautiful and refreshingly comfortable. As one of the customers on tripadvisor wrote: “All too often on arrival, hotels fail to live up to their promotional photographs and literature. However Glymur was everything I had hoped and more. The views from the floor to ceiling windows are stunning and the furnishings and decor throughout were of a high quality and very thoughtfully put together.”

Glymur resort consists of a boutique hotel and 6 luxury villas. Set on a mountainside overlooking the beautiful Hvalfjordur, Glymur resort offers a truly unique experience that will impress even the most seasoned traveller. The hotel has 22 gallery suites and 3 junior suites. Amenities include a gourmet restaurant, café, outdoor spa area, massage room and outdoor hot tubs. The resort’s professional conference facilities cater to intimate gatherings and large groups alike.

The Glymur resort pays attention to detail. The views over the tranquil fjord are breathtaking. Interior spaces throughout the Gylmur resort have been tastefully appointed and meticulously crafted to merge with this beautiful scenery. Each of its 6 luxury villas are individually designed and self-catering or full-serviced, can be arranged to meet the needs of each individual clients. There are both 1 and 2 bedroom villas, each with its own theme and designed accordingly. All villas have a large indoor living space, private balcony, patio and hot tub.

There is no disputing the popularity of summer as Iceland’s tourism high season. Nevertheless, the Glymur Resort offers guests thoughtful hospitality year round. The autumn colors are spectacular in Hvalfjörður, the heath full of berries and the coast full of mussels. It’s also the time to see the Northern Lights as the days grow shorter and cooler. Glymur Resort offers various packages to enjoy this season of fantastical autumn splendor.

The resort also offers a variety of winter packages. Over Christmas, Glymur Resort indulges guests with a lavish package, full of holiday delights: decadent food, bubbly hot tubs, plush robes and slippers – everything you need to unwind, relax and enjoy the holiday season. Throughout the Christmas holiday season, the resort’s gourmet restaurant also prepares a special buffet that attracts Icelanders from all over the country.

The Glymur Resort will not disappoint even the most discerning of guests. This fabulous retreat pairs superior services with natural grandeur. The staff at the Glymur Resort take pride in providing guests with fine Icelandic hospitality. It is truly one of Iceland’s hidden gems and ought to be on every visitor’s itinerary.

For further information and booking, visit tel. +354 430 3100

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