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A Modern Farm with a Long History

Like most other farms in the country, Síreksstaðir in Vopnafjörður can trace its history back to ancient times. It is mentioned in one saga, Vopnfirðinga saga, written in the Middle Ages, and there are documents from the 14th century that mention its name.

Now it is a modern farm, with modern farming methods and modern facilities for accommodating tourists who want to visit Vopnafjörður. The proprietors and owners are Halldór Georgsson and Sigríður Bragadóttir. Halldór’s family has lived here since the beginning of the 20th century.

The cottages

Síreksstaðir lies in a valley on the east side of Vopnafjörður, 20 km. from the village. There are two very comfortable cottages on the farm for rent and then there is the Hvammur Guesthouse, with seven rooms with double beds. The cottages can each accommodate six persons, with all mod cons like refrigerator, microwave, cooker, TV, DVD player etc. Each cottage has a hot tub to melt into and a gas barbecue on which to cook delicious barbecue steaks. Young children are also catered for with swings, a slide and a sandbox, or ‘róló’ (or playground as it is called in children’s Icelandic). By the way, those who want to try local delicacies should try duck eggs and the cabin-smoked beef tongue for sale at Síreksstaðir. This can be tasted with some wine in the hot tub!

The Hvammur Guesthouse

The guesthouse has wash basins in every room and shared bathrooms and cooking facilities in the middle of the house. There is also a living room with television. Those who wish for a made-up bed can have such a service and sleeping bag accommodation is also available at a considerably lower price.


Having slept through the night in the comfortable beds at Síreksstaðir, it is time to get up and plan the activities for the day. The valley of Sunnudalur, in which Síreksstaðir lies, offers a variety of interesting sights, like the farm of Hraunfell, an abandoned farm an hour’s walk from Síreksstaðir. There are several other abandoned farms in the valley, and a hike to the mountaintop is always refreshing and rewarded with a great view at the top. There is the possibility of trout fishing in the Hofsá river, the river running through the centre of the main Vopnafjörður valley, and various other recreational possibilities in the Vopnafjörður area.

The surrounding area boasts of several excellent hiking trails, a museum and a coffee house. On the farm, guests will have ‘front row seats’ during haymaking and other seasonal farm activities. In the wintertime it is possible to watch the magnificent northern lights glittering across the sky and also observe the wild reindeer when they approach the farm in the December through April period.

Hof and a bit of history

Síreksstaðir was the home of a famous doctor in the saga period (930-1030), according to the Vopnfirðinga saga. There is also a connection with the old manor house of Hof. In the charter of this church from 1397, Síreksstaðir is mentioned along with several other farms as belonging to the manor of Hof. In the 13th century, Hof was the seat of one of the great chieftains of the Sturlungar era, Þorvarður Þórarinsson. There is a pretty church at Hof today which is well worth visiting.

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