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Mjoeyri Guest House and Travel Service

Tucked away in the folds of the tranquil eastern fjords, lies the village of Eskifjörður, one of six towns in the Fjarbyggð region of East Iceland.

Holmatindur Peak, Eskifjörður’s pride and joy, towers over the town, standing guard. It is within this magnificent setting that you will find the Mjoeyri Guest House and Travel Service.

Explore and discover a less often travelled side of Iceland
The list of things to do in the area is almost endless and Mjoeyri Travel Service would be delighted to help you plan your stay. Recreational activities offered in the region include fishing, boating, skiing, golf, ice climbing, hiking, bird watching, cave tours, nature observation, horse riding, diving, northern light watching, kayaking and more! With a plethora of museums and swimming pools in every town, there is simply something for everyone. The Mjoeyri Guest House is ideal to use as a base for exploring the area and offers the possibility of breakfast and dinner to start and end your day.

Autumn in the East
East Iceland is also home to a herd of some 5,000 reindeer which come down from the highlands in the fall to begin their mating season, lasting from approximately 20th September until the end of October. Autumn is one of the best times of year to catch a glimpse of these noble creatures with the stags sporting their lofty antlers in all their glory.

Mountain Therapy
Long walks in the crisp mountain air, skiing on the high peaks of the ‘eastern alps’ or just chilling out in a ‘hot pot’ at the local pool, winter in the Eastern Fjords is therapeutic and will leave you refreshed and renewed. A quote from the Mjoeyri Travel Service website says it best, “The mountains of Fjarbyggð region give this part of Iceland it’s distinctive character, and have a huge influence on the lives of the people who live here. Just to live in these fjords, surrounded by beautiful mountains, is a source of great inspiration and solace for all the inhabitants. To us, it is almost as if the mountains reach out and embrace us as we arrive, bid us welcome, and give us feelings of belonging and well-being.”

If getting away from the cares of life is high on your list of priorities, then you have come to the right place. The serenity, the peace, and the gentle flow of life in the Eastern Fjords will be like nothing you have ever experienced.

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