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Hospitality at the Harbour

- Arctic Bed & Breakfast

Explore life in a small fishing village; watch the colourful fishing vessels come into port; take a walk along on the wharf; pamper yourself at the private spa of the magnificent Blue Lagoon or visit the fascinating Saltfish Museum and become knowledgeable about Iceland’s history ... just a smattering of things to see and do in Grindavik.

Located in the historic fishing village of Grindavik, just 25 minutes from Keflavik International Airport, family-run Arctic Bed & Breakfast is perfectly situated as a base from which to explore the many wonders of the Reykjanes Penninsula. With the hugely popular and inviting waters of the Blue Lagoon just 5 minutes away, Reykjavik just 50 minutes away, and mossy green lava fields just under foot, you have some of the best that Iceland has to offer at your doorstep.

Some features of Arctic B&B include:

  • quiet rooms with views over the harbour
  • newly renovated kitchen & living area
  • all amenities of Grindavik within walking distance (restaurants, cafes, pubs, grocery store, bank, library, museum, geothermal outdoor swimming pool, post office, etc)
  • traditional Icelandic breakfast
  • complimentary Wi-fi in every room
  • 20% discount available with a stay of 5 days or more
  • open all year round

Riding Tour for 2011
An exciting new riding tour is in the works now, to be ready for the 2011 summer season. The itinerary will take you from Grindavík to the wild and windswept coast of Valahnukur, to the ‘Bridge Between the Continents’, then on to the volcanic landscape of Eldvörp, culminating with a refreshing swim in the Blue Lagoon. For more information please see the website listed below.

Reykjanes Pennisula beckons you...

Arriving at Keflavik Airport at the north-western tip of the peninsula, you will be forgiven if your first thoughts, as you look out over the landscape, are those of dismay! You have probably heard by now that it looks a bit like you just arrived on the moon. Fear not! There are so many hidden gems awaiting your discovery. The partial list includes: outdoor geothermal swimming pools, golf, hiking on ancient walking paths, sea-angling, trips to Eldey Island for bird watching, lava caves, the Viking Ship Museum, the Saltfish Museum, the Gunnuhver hot springs, the Reykjanes Light House, the ‘Bridge Between Continents’, the educational Reykjanes Power Plant, ship wreck sites, bubbling mud pools and steam vents - and, of course, the famous Blue Lagoon.

Innkeepers Helgi and Sunneva welcome you and will be happy to help you organise your stay in the area. For booking and directions to Arctic Bed & Breakfast please see their website:

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