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A Remarkable Film Project about Iceland - Stefan Erdmann
Stefan Erdmann

With a thundering noise, gigantic waves come rolling onto the black lava beach and the evening sun paints a supernatural light on the water’s surface. A man’s voice is heard: “The first time, I felt so deeply touched by your beauty, your serenity.

“The second time you made me feel secure, composed and in good hands. The third time I wept with happiness to be here once more and the thought of having to say farewell was overwhelming. You are with me…day by day. You arouse in me joy, desire…longing. You belong in my life forever.” These words sound like a declaration of love from a man to a woman - however, they are a declaration of love to a country. To Iceland. It is the voice of Stefan Erdmann and his preliminary words of the first part of the documentary “ISLAND 63° 66° N”.

30,000 kms. on the road and more than 500 hours of footage
Stefan Erdmann began this project many years ago on his own initiative. He ended up criss-crossing the country by jeep 16 times, flying hundreds of kilometres with his friend Thórhallur Óskarsson in an ultralight airplane and hiking for many days in the Icelandic Highlands. More than 500 hours of footage was shot, the essence of which has been skillfully composed by the filmmaker, who succeeds in bringing the viewer very close to the action. Narrated with informative and sensitive comments, the flowing and fascinating panoramic views are perfectly embedded into music that had been produced exclusively for the film.

Risking all for the perfect shot
2 cameras, 2 tripods, a camera crane and dolly for mobile shots, a notebook, a bunch of batteries, hard disks and more go into the production of a film project like this. Erdmann spared no trouble or expense to get the perfect panoramic shot he was aiming for. He climbed Blahnukur peak ten times with more than 30 kilos of equipment on his back, waiting patiently for the exact timing and setting to record the alpine world of Landmannalaugar the way he had been dreaming of, but to no avail. Finally, on his eleventh hike, success came: glowing rhyolite hills, light and shadow, clouds slowly moving across on the hillsides, a perfect view of the central highlands. These are the moments that made the exertion worthwhile!

“Any traveller to Iceland knows that the weather can change drastically from one moment to the next. Filming on ‘Laugavegur’ for instance, was especially frustrating,” Stefan recounts. “I had to do the hike in stages, going up and down several times, sometimes in the pouring rain, or in thick fog or through deep snow and always with 30 kilos of equipment on my back. But every rain storm, snowfall, or fog eventually comes to an end and it is precisely in these moments, when the sun breaks through the clouds, that you know it has been worth all the effort. Every time it is like a revelation and can‘t be described in words.”

New perspectives
On his first landing approach to Iceland many years ago, Erdmann dreamt about filming the natural landscape from above. After extensive search he met the Icelandic pilot Thórhallur Óskarsson. The two have flown more than 2,000 kilometres over Iceland, taking the footage for this unique film project with a completely new perspective on the fascinating landscape of the island: the result of which is ‘Iceland From Above’. “This land appears to lie under a spell and it often seems to me that Earth is holding her breath. We are floating over a great, overall work of art, hundreds of square kilometres - always re-creating and shaping itself anew, yet showing absolute perfection at any given moment.” - A quote from Stefan Erdman’s latest film, ‘ICELAND FROM ABOVE’.

ISLAND 63° 66° N - A declaration of love and homage to Iceland
A film that is intense, emotional and informative, Erdmann’s love and passion for the country is vividly portrayed in a way that no other film about Iceland has been able to achieve. Within the growing ranks of Iceland’s fans in German speaking countries, this exceptional film has already gained cult status. Also of note is a commentary (in Icelandic) about ISLAND 63° 66° N by Icelandic environmentalist Omar Ragnarsson can be found on his blog.
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