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Hotel Ranga - Stay in Iceland with Class
Now that Iceland is getting ready to put on its winter clothes with all the accompanying activities and natural phenomena – the days are inevitably getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. It is therefore of paramount importance to enter into a realm of warmth and luxury after a busy day of activities and sightseeing - and things don’t get any more luxurious than Hótel Rangá in the South of Iceland.

Hótel Rangá is a four star log-cabin styled resort, renowned for its quality accommodation, service,  gourmet food and extensive wine list. The hotel has been hailed as one of the best hotels in Iceland and even all of Europe, which comes as no surprise when looking at the elaborate interiors and the personal service on offer. One of the latest additions is the World Pavilion – seven new suites, each designed and themed for each of the seven continents. For those looking for the ultimate stay in Iceland, be sure to enquire about the Master Royal Suite, which has served as a temporary home to some of the most prominent people in the world.
The hotel is conveniently located close to all of the best attractions the South of Iceland has to offer, including Gullfoss, Geysir, Thingvellir, Landmanna laugar, Thórsmörk and Westmann Islands to name a few. The hotel is also located in the middle of what is now being called “The Ring of Fire,” an exciting area with geothermal and volcanic activity all around. Be sure to enquire about helicopter trips to the infamous Eyjafjallajökull.
The area surrounding the hotel is thought by many to be the best location to catch sight of the elusive aurora borealis. Check their website for predictions and updates.

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