Land of Light. By Haukur Snorrason

A grand new book of Icelandic landscape photographs, with full-page pictures of the country and its capital by nature photographer Haukur Snorrason. Click here to view more photos by Haukur Snorrason. Foreword by the President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. Text by geophysicist Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson. Captions in English, German, French, Spanish and Icelandic.

Published: 2000. Size 30 x 27 cm. Hardcover with 48 pages and 90 photos.

Haukur Snorrason Photographer and Photo Guide

The photographer Haukur Snorrason provides Isafold Travel with some of his famous photographs to acquaint our website visitors with the unique landscapes Iceland has to offer. Next to his work as a photographer he is providing his expert knowledge for Isafold Travel on photo tours where he guides private tours for groups with interest in photographing. Haukur has been involved in photography from an early age. His father Snorri Snorrason, himself a keen photographer, took him along on his travels, taught him to handle cameras and gave him a sense of light and angle. He became fascinated with the art and his fate was sealed, so to speak, in 1982 when he sold his first photograph at the age of 14 years. Haukur trained as a photographer with Skyggna Myndverk in Reykjavík from 1989-1992 and also has a private pilot´s licence. He has previously published the highly acclaimed Land of Light (1999) and Experience Iceland (2005).

He has worked in many fields of photography and is mainly involved today in commercial industrial photography. However, driven by a passionate interst in Icelandic nature and outdoor activities, Haukur has accumulated a portfolio of thousands of Icelandic landscapes which form the basis of his gallery on our website which you can visit on the right side.

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