celandic Aircraft - 90 Years History
Íslenskar flugvélar - saga í 90 ár
Snorri Snorrason and Wilfred Hardy

This book contains a wealth of fascinating information on Icelandic aviation history. It publishes paintings of most of the aircraft types used in passenger flights in Iceland from the outset.

The paintings are all based on photographs, are both extremely exact and yet are works of art that please the eye of those with an interest in this story.  Each picture is accompanied by a text which recounts the story of the aircraft in question along with interesting detail related to its aviation history.

The book is the result of cooperation between two men, both of whom are artists, each in his own field.  It is at once a book af art and source of information.

The book has two authors.  Snorri Snorrason, former captain, took most of the photographs and wrote the texts for the photos.  Snorri knows Icelandic aviation history better than most.  He followed it with interest from an early age and subsequently became a pilot and then captain with Flugfélag Íslands and Flugleiðir [now Icelandair] for decades.  He personally flew many of the aircraft shown here and described.

Wilfred Hardy is an English artist and one of the best in his field in the world.  From a young age he has specialised in painting aircraft and has received a great number of awards and recognitions for his work, both at home and internationally.

celandic Aircraft - 90 Years History
Text in both English and Icelandic.
Hardcopy.  25 paintings.

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