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A Quiet Icelandic Christmas Hotel-Hamar-special-offer
 Leave the frenzy of holiday shopping and hectic preparations far behind. Treat yourself to a quiet little getaway this season in the countryside at Hotel Hamar in Borgarnes. Just one hour's drive from Reykjavik, the hotel beckons you with its lights twinkling in the brisk night air. A panorama of craggy snow capped mountains form a dramatic backdrop to set the holiday mood. Let the celebrations begin!
 Choose a two- or four-night vacation package which gives you the opportunity to include trips to Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon and other attractions. A highlight is the traditional Icelandic Christmas Eve dinner with Hotel Hamar’s owners and their family, followed by an optional visit to the local church for Christmas Eve mass, with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the hotel’s beautiful surroundings and outdoor hot tubs.

 A few package highlights include:
 23rd December - St. Thorlakur’s Mass
Pick up your car at Keflavík airport. Drive to Hotel Hamar, with a soothing stop at the Blue Lagoon on the way. Dinner at Hotel Hamar, followed by Icelandic stories read in English by candlelight. Just like Icelandic children, don’t forget to leave your shoe out and one of the Icelandic Yuletide Lads may leave you a gift!
24th December - Christmas Eve
A lesson in how to make traditional Icelandic laufabraud (“leaf bread”), followed by an easy walk around the surrounding area. After lunch at the hotel, join Hotel Hamar’s owners, Unnur and Hjörtur, in preparing the table for the Christmas feast, or relax in one of the hotel’s outdoor hot tubs. Like everywhere else in the country, Christmas dinner begins at six in the evening and is followed by a mass at the local church, for those who wish to attend.
25th December - Christmas Day
Relax over a leisurely breakfast; take a drive around the beautiful Borgarfjordur countryside, visiting hot springs, waterfalls and trolls. Dinner is at the hotel, followed by an optional walk through the local town of Borgarnes, to see all the traditional Christmas lights.
26th December - Boxing Day
Enjoy a hearty buffet breakfast, followed by a visit to the Settlement Centre in nearby Borgarnes. A guided tour through the saga trail is happily provided by Unnur. The rest of the day is free for you to do whatever you wish, followed by an evening trip to spot the elusive but stunning northern lights.

27th December
Leave for Keflavík airport or add a few days in Reykjavik

For more options, trip suggestions, details and booking, please see the hotel’s website:

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