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Season Tours - A Tour for all Seasons
           Friendly and informal tours for two to eight people make Season Tours perfect for small groups or couples. The folks at Season Tours are all experts at ferreting out fascinating facts about Iceland. Each guide has a diploma in tour guiding from the University of Iceland and they make it their business to know their country and to know it well! You will come away from a Season Tour more knowledgeable and have a better understanding of the people, the culture and the history of Iceland.

El BikeTour* of Reykjavik
Some people’s idea of travel is to zip through a city/area/country so fast you wonder if they really see anything!  Season Tours, on the other hand, offers the traveller a slower and a more healthy approach to seeing the sights using electric bicycles, leaving you refreshed but not breathless. The tour starts at the old harbour and takes the ‘long route’ around the city, stopping at all the major sites and on to the highest point in Reykjavik: Hallgrimskirkja Church, finally culminating downtown.
* El Bike Tour is not just means ‘electric bike tour’

Hiking Tours

Lots of people hike Mt Esja, that beautiful mountain that overlooks Reykjavik, but Season Tour's Guided Mt. Esja Hike, offers no less than four separate Mt. Esja tours. They each vary in their degree of difficulty and length and are jam-packed with tidbits of geology, history old and new, plus information about elves & trolls in the area...stuff that even your average Icelander doesn’t know!

South Coast Plus - a cosy guided tour for two to eight people
This guided tour of the South Coast takes you to places off the beaten track like Thakgil, where you can have dinner in a cave! A unique experience not on your average tour's itinerary! You’ll visit some amazing waterfalls, including Urridafoss, Seljalandsfoss and Skogarfoss, and visit the towns of Skogar and Vik. Ice walking, driving in the mountains above Vik, or having dinner at the beach front ‘Havið Bláa’ restaurant are other possibilities on this tour.

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  (caption for photo) Short on time? Summer scooter tours ‒ a fabulously fun way to experience Reykjavik.

 “Seeing Reykjavik without a guide is like leaving your glasses at home!” and what better way to sum up the Season Tour experience!
 Did you know?
Season Tours also offers guided day tours by jeep or minibus to popular destinations around Iceland:
●    Golden Circle PlusTour
●    Westman Islands Volcano Tour
●    Snaefellsnes Penninsula
●    Reykjanes Penninsula
●    Myvatn and Krafla Volcano  
●    Reykjadalur (bathing in a natural hot water pools)
●    Northern Lights Tours  
You can also request a custom-tailored tour.  
Icelandic snacks are included in all day tours

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