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A Man and His Horse on an Icelandic Midsummer’s Day
-Kálfholt Riding Tours
Riding an Icelandic horse through the windswept countryside of South Iceland on a delightfully sunny summer's day is the dream of many a horse enthusiast. Freedom fills your senses in the wide open expanses, lifting the spirits of both man and horse. The power and majesty of these noble animals combine instantly with the power and majesty of the Icelandic landscape as it thunders out before you. This interplay between man, horse and nature is something that Eyrún and Steingrímur, proprietors of Kálfholt Riding Tours have known for many years and now they offer their time and talent, expertise and services to travellers in Iceland.
Breeding for Excellence
Kálfholt is a well established breeding farm in southern Iceland that has produced some excellent horses for both breeding and competition. Amongst those are Röðull, which won the Class B at the National Icelandic Horse Show in 2008. Courses and private lessons taught by professional riding instructors are offered for advanced riders using Kálfholt’s well-trained horses. Located 70 kms from Reykjavik, between Selfoss and Hella, the farm is easily accessible from ring road #1 and is perfectly situated for day tours in the area.

Personalised attention is all yours
Kálfholt Riding Tours specialise in providing riding instruction and tours to individuals, couples and small groups of up to 12 participants. Eyrún and Steingrímur’s patient and personal style is perfect for families with small children, from age 2 onwards and for beginners of all ages. So, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced rider, Kálfholt has organised tours to suit every level.

Popular tours include :
●    Introduction to the Icelandic Horse - a gentle half hour ride for children 8 years and under.
●    Introduction to the Icelandic Horse - a one hour tour for beginners of any age.
●    90 minute, 2.5 hour and 5 hour tours in the countryside along the banks of the Þórsá (Thorsa) river and to Urrithafoss, for intermediate and advanced riders.

Immerse Yourself in a Week-Long Stay
Kálfholt offers an exciting week-long stay at the breeding farm which includes full board,  accommodation, a 4-day riding tour, airport pick-up and drop-off and one day of sight seeing at the Golden Circle (Geysir, Gullfoss and Thingvellir) Participants will receive basic riding instruction which is geared to your level of competence, allowing you to gradually progress in your riding skills. Evenings can be spent relaxing in the hot tub, enjoying traditional Icelandic songs, music and games.

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