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Let your dreams come true this year with Iceland Excursions‒Grayline Iceland
If one of your dreams in life is to see Iceland and the Northern Lights, then make this your year to do it! The 2010/2011 winter season has been one of the best in recent years for experiencing the Northern Lights and Iceland Excursion’s Northern Lights Mystery Tour is the oldest running tour of its kind in Iceland. Experienced guides know where the best viewing spots are located - but if perchance you miss them, a second chance is yours, free of charge. Tours run from 15th September  to 15th April.

Did you know?
Icelandic Excursions‒Grayline Iceland is
●    a family run company, founded in the early 1980s by two boyhood friends from a small village in the West Fjords
●    known for its exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable staff
●    constantly innovating and adding new tours to its itinerary

On a clear day you can see for miles
Iceland Excursion’s South Coast tour is packed with some of Iceland´s most dazzling sights. Leaving Reykjavik, the tour proceeds over the Hellisheidi Plateau where, on a clear day, you can see over 100 km. to Eyafjallajökull with its fresh new snowcap and the mountainous Westman Islands just off the coast. The route passes Hveragerdi, the town known for its geothermally heated greenhouses, and then it’s on to Hvolsvöllur for a short stop. For the next 80 km., between Hvolsvöllur and Vik, the dramatic coastline begins to emerge: the notorious Eyfjallajökull comes into full and glorious view and you will visit some of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland ‒ Seljalandsfoss and Skogarfoss, which cascade down from the glacier.

Skogar and Vik
At Skogar you will visit the Skogar Historical Museum where you get a glimpse of South Iceland’s past with its turf houses and indoor exhibits of life in 19th century Iceland. Then its on to the beautiful seaside town of Vik, known for its black volcanic sand beaches and the Reynisdrangar Sea Stacks that rise curiously from the sea. Legend has it that three trolls were attempting to drag a three-masted ship to shore when daylight struck them and turned them to stone. The return journey stops at two other colourful south coast seaside towns, Stokkseyri and Eyrarbakki, the latter having been a major port for trade in the 18th and 19th centuries and where many of the oldest houses in Iceland still stand today.

The South Coast tour is available in English, French, German and Scandinavian languages. For further information and booking go to:

caption for a Northern Light photo:
Ribbons of light undulate across the sky, sometimes with seeming rhyme and reason and sometimes doing the most unexpected things!

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