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Hvolsvöllur — From obscurity to flame virtually overnight
Unless you have been living  under a rock for most of 2010,  you are sure to have heard of a  certain volcano with a ridiculously  difficult-to-pronounce name that  wrought havoc with air travel  around most of Europe and even  affected many flights to the  States. Indeed, Icelanders got  a good chuckle listening to us  foreigners trying to pronounce  Eyafjallajökull and stumbling all  over their language!  

We would love to send someone up  to the summit or a few ‘somebodies’,  along with several geologists and  reporters, with camera crew trailing  behind for an in-depth interview with  the now famous volcano. Perched on  the edge of the crater, they are there  to ask the question that is on mind  of many: “So, what are your plans for  2011 and beyond? Will we be seeing  more of you in the near future, or will  you be going back into hibernation  for a few more hundred years?” With  no such eventuality in sight any time  in the near future we have to look to  scientists and the Civil Protection  Dept. to give us their best estimates.  

The Civil Protection Dept.  has got you covered.... 
The region around the volcano,including the Fimmvörduháls hiking trail and the Thórsmörk Mountain  Reserve, is now open to visitors. That  said, the Dept. of Civil Protection of Iceland keeps a watchful eye out should any changes take place  at Eyafjallajökull and has a welldeveloped  plan of action in the event  of any emergency arising. (see article  from the Dept. of Civil Protection)

 -An exciting array of  possibilities just on our  doorstep 
Hvolsvöllur is an excellent location  from which to base to explore South  Iceland. Its central location makes  it ideal for day trips in the region  and then back for a good night’s  sleep in one of the area’s many  types of accommodation. There are  campgrounds, youth hostels, guest  houses and hotels ranging from 1 to  4 stars. Ferry trips to the Westman  Islands are now possible from the  new harbour, Landeyahöfn, that  opened in July, 2010 and is just 20  minutes from Hvolsvöllur.  

The Geo-Vision of the  Future 
There are some new exciting  developments on the horizon for South  Central Iceland, in particular the huge  area covered by the municipalities  of Rangarthing-eystra (Hvolsvöllur  area), Myrdalshreppur (Vik area) and  Skaftárhreppur (in which large area  of the Vatnajökull National Park and  Vatnajökull Glacier are located). The  region has a unique geodiversity with  geological features found nowhere  else on Earth. Therefore, the goal is to  become full fledged members of the  European Geoparks Network and the  UNESCO Global Geoparks Network  in 2011 or 2012.  

For more information about the area  please go to:  home/1,1,0.asp    

   -From obscurity to flame virtually overnight   

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