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East Iceland – Only an hour away
From sparkling glaciers, across  black deserts and volcanic  craters, to emerald valleys  and dramatic fjords – much of  what makes Iceland so unique  can be found in the East of  the country. Mysterious and  seemingly remote, it is in fact  only an hour away on one of  the frequent domestic flights.  Make sure you get a window  seat! Egilsstaðir, the region’s  largest town with an excellent  airport, makes a good starting  point for any trip. It is situated  on the banks of lake Lögurinn,  a beautiful 35km-long lake  whose milky glacial waters are  said to be home to Iceland’s  ancient equivalent of the Loch  Ness monster, the terrifying  ‘Lagarfljótsormur’ or Wyrm.

Winter wildlife
Characterised by turbulent rivers,  the area encompasses Iceland’s  largest forest and rolling highlands  inhabited by herds of wild reindeer,  something quite unique to this  corner of the country. Home to a  large population of seals, which are  most easily seen along the coast  by Húsey, East Iceland also boats  a wide variety of birdlife, including  most migrant birds, skuas,  East Iceland – Only an hour away  swans, waders and ever-popular  eider ducks. Both the village of  Djupivogur and the Uthérað Coast  are excellent for birdwatching.   
Extreme adventures
In the ice and snow in the  nearby Vatnajökull during the  winter and spring, you can visit  the magnificient Icecaves of  Eyjabakkajökull or enjoy the  once–in–a–lifetime adventure of  bathing in the warm waters of the  Kverkfjöll ice caves. In the east you  can also experience some of the  best northern lights while enjoying  a warm natural bath at the edge of  Europe’s largest glacier. Tours are  available from Egilsstaðir that make  this a breathtaking experience.  Travelling towards the coast, the  East Fjords reveal a magnificent  landscape of long, narrow fjords,  steep mountains and jagged peaks.  The area is brilliant for winter  sports; snowmobile riders favour  the highlands and skiers gather  from around Iceland to enjoy the  slopes at Oddskard in the Fjords. 

Food for thought   
East Iceland is renowned for its  wonderful local food. Game such  as Reindeer and ptarmigan are the  local speciality which, along with  delicious lamb and the freshest of  fish, organic greens, wild berries  and mushrooms make the heart of  the region’s prize-winning cuisine.  Regardless of whether you want to  go birdwatching or spot reindeer,  maybe experience the extreme  adventures of the arctic winter or  simply enjoy a romantic get-away,  East Iceland is a magical place to  do it.

Characterised by  turbulent rivers, the  area encompasses  Iceland’s largest forest  and rolling highlands  inhabited by herds  of wild reindeer,  something quite unique  to this corner of the  country.

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