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Break Out From the Crowds and the Polluted, Paved Cities
Take an adventurous trip into Mother Nature’s back yard
Wouldn't you like to breathe fresh, clean air for a change? Let you ears expand in the silence? Let you eyes stretch to the horizons amid the rich colours and textures of nature and drink the purest of waters, straight from its source in the mountains? How about bathing in a naturally-heated pool surrounded by real flowers – and be your own master? 
Leave the city behind to wallow in its smokey pollution and take an unforgettable adventure into the largest open area of unspoilt nature in Europe, the Icelandic Highlands, with breathtaking landscapes and raw nature in all their glory!
We have Grand Cherokee 4WD Jeeps, specially equipped for Icelandic gravel and highland roads, with GPS navigation and unlimited mileage. An extra fuel can is supplied free of charge, if requested. All our cars are thoroughly inspected and overhauled to ensure trouble-free rental experience.
Our special offer car is suitable for safe travel to all popular highland attractions in Iceland such as:
•    Askja
•    Hagavatn
•    Herðubreið
•    Herðubreiðarlindir
•    Hveravellir
•    Kaldidalur
•    Kerlingarfjöll
•    Kjölur
•    Kverkfjöll
•    Landmannalaugar
•    Sprengisandur (Sprengisandsleið F26)
Even though our special offer jeeps are diligently prepared, maintained and inspected for highland road conditions, the driver must still show care and caution when driving in adverse conditions such as crossing rivers, negotiating rock-strewn roads, passing and/or overtaking other vehicles on gravel roads.
It should be noted that the renter is always liable for damage sustained to the vehicle due to rocks, boulders, etc., or handling of the vehicle and for water damage incurred. All off-road driving in Iceland is strictly forbidden by law!

Iceland4X4carrental Tangabryggja 14-16,
110 Reykjavik, Tel: +354 535 6060

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