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Discover the Magnificent Westfjords with West Tours
The Westfjords come highly recommended ...
The Lonely Planet guide book has rated the Westfjords of Iceland as one of the Top 10 places to visit in 2011. "The top regions list means getting out the hiking boots and camping equipment; many of these places are tourist-free and don't have luxury hotels. But they do offer pure natural experiences with incredible wildlife, regional food and possibly a more authentic adventure," says the Lonely Planet Guide to Iceland.

Indeed, the region is Iceland’s most sparsely populated area. The main service town of Ísafjörður, in contrast to the nature that surrounds it, has been described as a friendly mini-metropolis, and is surprisingly cosmopolitan. It is here in Ísafjörður that you will find West Tours. Operating since 1993, West Tours prides itself on being one of the most friendly and creative tour agencies and operators in the country.

The hauntingly beautiful landscape
of Hornstandir

The place is so remote that the only way to get there is by boat. There are no roads, no airstrips, no electricity and not even sheep grazing on the hillsides. Milla, managing director of West Tours, tells me that the last of the area’s residents all packed up and left with only their clothes and a few belongings in tow. Some of those homes are preserved today, intact, as they were when the occupants suddenly left in 1952. One such house is the ‘Doctor’s House’ in Hesteyri, which today serves as a cafe, guesthouse and memorial to the last residents of the region. Now a protected nature reserve, Hornstrandir is a true wilderness where flora and fauna have been allowed to flourish undisturbed by human civilization for almost 60 years.

West Tours offers a variety of popular tours to Hornstrandir, including but not limited to:
●    History at Hesteyri - a leisurely tour 4 - 5 hours long
●    Hiking in Hornstrandir - a moderate hike, 12 hours
●    Backpacking in Hornstrandir (a more strenuous hike - choose a 4-day or 6-day hike)

The King and Queen of Cliffs
The name says it all! Once you’ve seen these cliffs you might be spoiled for life!
This 12-hour tour takes in all the grandeur of these magnificent cliffs at Hornvik at the very tip of Hornstrandir. Millions of birds descend upon these cliffs every summer, making it the one of the biggest bird cliffs in the whole of Europe. A boat will take you around the cliffs and then you will be able to take an exhilarating walk to the top.

 It’s just a hop, skip and a jump to the Westfjords from Reykjavik.
The 40 minute flight will get you on your way, making day tours an excellent and viable option when planning your vacation in the Westfjords with West Tours.
Ask Milla at West Tours for more information. 

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