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Eaglefjord Tours in Bildudalur
- Where almost anything is possible!
Accommodation galore!
This family-run travel and tour operator in the Westfjords has recently renovated their comfortable and fully-furnished apartments.
Eagle Tours offers:
●    3 fully-furnished apartments, each with two double bedrooms
●    2 fully-furnished apartments, each with 4 double bedrooms
●    1 fully-furnished apartment with 7 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, Internet access, washer and dryer and able to accommodate 14 guests
●    House with three bedrooms that can accommodate five people, with kiitchen, two living rooms, bathroom with shower and Internet connection.
Accommodation can be arranged for up to 50 guests, and more by special arrangement.
Enjoying life's little pleasures
Eaglefjord Tours offer scheduled sea angling tours on the fjord that last anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. Why not try your hand and see if you can catch a few haddock for dinner, which will then be prepared for the pan, the pot or the grill and can, on some tours, be cooked and eaten right on board? Eagle Tours will provide everything you need for a memorable fishing expedition, including fishing equipment, a skipper, an engineer and an on-board chef. (And a boat!)

If the fishing has been good, guests are allowed to take home with them up to 20 kg of fish per person. Back at the harbour, your catch will be cleaned, processed, frozen and packaged, all as a part of Eagleford's service to their clients.
It's an on-board grill party!
The only way to really get around the Westfjords is by boat and Eaglefjords can arrange a one hour (or longer) combined sightseeing and hiking tour. Included in these popular day tours is a finely prepared 3-course grilled dinner of freshly caught cod, haddock, whale and mussels, right on board!

The ‘Legend of Gisli Súrsson’ Tour
An impressive hiking tour guided by a modern day Viking tells the story of Gisli Súrsson from the Icelandic sagas. You will learn the inside story of how the Vikings survived, how they lived and how they thought. Eaglefjord Tours owner, Jon Þórðarsson, plays the part of Gisli Súrsson. Dressed in Viking period costume, he brings the saga to life with drama and authenticity. Jón Þórðarsson says, “You haven't really seen Bildudalur or Arnarfjord until you have seen the saga of Gisli Súrsson”.
We'll let the saga tour speak for itself!

Before you leave this corner of the Westfjords, be sure to stop in at the Sea Monster Museum of Bildudalur. If you are feeling a bit incredulous, just check out their website: and get the information straight from the horse's mouth!

Eaglefjord Tours goes the extra mile for their guests and will be waiting for you at Keflavik International Airport, ready to drive you to the Westfjords where the team at Eaglefjords Tours awaits your arrival.

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