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Country Hotel Sveinbjarnagerdi
The magnificent views of Eyafjordur fjord spread out from the hotel in all their splendour, the midnight sun sets over the fjord and guests at  Country Hotel Sveinbjarnagerdi settle in for the night. As the summer sun sinks slowly on the northern horizon, the stillness is only broken by the cries of the arctic terns that nest nearby. These are the idyllic surroundings that make for a perfect relaxing holiday at Country Hotel Sveinbjarnagerdi in North Iceland.

The 3-star hotel is situated just off of Road No.1, conveniently located just 10 minutes from the town of Akureyri, the capital of the North. Thirty-three well appointed double rooms and a family room, all with private bath, telephone and television await you. Now operating in it’s 10th year, this family-run hotel prides itself on its cosy atmosphere and personal service. Wireless Internet connection is available in some rooms.
Country Hotel Sveinbjarnagerdi's restaurant serves breakfast in style. The morning begins with a copious hot breakfast with an array of choices, including sausage and eggs, toast and jam, cereals and muesli, cheeses and hams. Plenty to keep you going throughout the day! In the evening, after a full day exploring the many natural wonders of the region, the extensive evening buffet will be a welcome sight.  3- or 4-course dinners served buffet style include Icelandic roast lamb and potatoes, freshly caught grilled salmon, 4 types of herring dishes, plus lots of fish, soups and salads. These are just some of what’s on the menu of this hearty summer buffet.

Open year round, Country Hotel Sveinbjarnagerdi is cosy and romantic on chilly winter nights. After a day on the nearby ski slopes, relax by the big log fire in the main hall, soak in the hotel hot tub, or order a soothing massage by the in-house massage therapist. Northern lights hunters need go no further than the hotel deck for optimum viewing away from city lights.

A Winter Offer!
Throughout February and March 2011, Country Hotel Sveinbjarnagerdi will be offering specially reduced rates on a two- or three-night stay. Don’t miss out! Special discounts are offered throughout the year so be sure to check the hotel website:

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