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A Feast of Festivals- at the Whale watching capital of Europe

The colourful seaside village of Húsavík is becoming a popular spot for both whales and visitors, many of whom return year after year. Húsavík is often referred to as the 'Whale watching capital of Europe’ and for good reason, as no less than 24 separate species of whale have been sighted in Skálfandi Bay. Your chances of seeing whales is excellent, in fact, especially from May to September, when the whales are happily frolicking in their summer feeding grounds of the north. The Whale Museum of Húsavík, right in the town centre, has a wealth of informative exhibits and multi-media presentations and giant whale skeletons. It supports ongoing research devoted to these gentle giants of the sea.
Puffins are also among the birds that return to Iceland every summer, and Skálfjandi Bay's own Lundey, or Puffin Island, is one place to see them. The Húsavík Tourist Information Centre located inside the Whale Museum, can point you in the right direction.
Sail Húsavík 2011
Local festivals are, of course, all a part of the colourful summertime events in Húsavík and this year marks the first Sail Húsavík 2011, aka the Nordic Coastal Cultural Festival, taking place on 16th - 23rd July. Sailing enthusiasts from all over the world will sail or fly in to converge in Húsavík for the week-long festival.  This project is a collaboration between Scandinavian grass-root maritime organisations and individuals. The first festival will be held in Húsavík, Iceland in July 2011, then in Denmark in 2012 and in Sweden in 2013.

Kid-Friendly Húsavík
Coinciding perfectly with Sail Húsavík 2011 will be another very colourful local festival Mærudagar (SweetDays), where the streets, houses, buildings, people and virtually everything else is decked out in green, pink and orange. This is a family festival with laser tag, a chess tournament, a poetry evening, beach volleyball, soccer games, jumping castles, competitions, music, a bonfire, disco and a midnight cruise on the bay. You are, of course, welcome to join in on the festivities.

Last but not least, The Art Festival of Húsavík will be held on 24th - 26th June this year, just after the summer solstice. Young artists from around Iceland will show their works. There will be plenty of music, sound & stage performances, as well as local theatre productions.

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