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Like all the world’s cities, Reykjavík is a busy place, filled with all the traits of a modern city life. You have to get out of the city to enjoy the peace and beauty of the countryside. Just an hour and a half away is the village of Reykholt. Every direction you look, there are beautiful rolling hills. Sheep and cows graze peacefully. Birds sing in the trees but, otherwise, it is peaceful.
You think, “I could settle down here!”

At Steindórsstaðir, a sheep and milk farm set on the side of a hill, you can stay as long as you like! The house, originally built in 1938, has been beautifully restored and re-designed with everything you need for a comfortable break. Hot showers, underfloor heating, self-catering in a fully-equipped kitchen, cosy lounge and comfortable beds - they are all there!

After a day’s hiking in the area, it is so nice to come back to a hot shower and a relaxing soak in the hot pot, sheltered from any wind, overlooking the beautiful countryside, a drink in hand, enjoying the company of friends you’ve just made. Or you can sit on the patio, watching the sun going down at midnight, unwinding from the stress of daily life at home. This is a family-run guesthouse where you can visit at any time of the year and enjoy each season’s special characteristics in all their fullness. There are 7 rooms, single, double and a triple with space for 12 guests at a time at very economical rates. Families find this a wonderful place for a holiday, giving the children that special experience of being around the animals, giving them a love and appreciation of nature. Jón Helgason, the poet, lived nearby, getting his inspiration from the hills, canyon and many waterfalls. Now, there are 25 hectares of trees growing in a reforestation project that makes a very enjoyable area to stroll in.

Give Guðfinna and Þórarinn a call or send them an email to reserve your room!


Reykholti • 320  Borgarfirði
+354 435 1227

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