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In Praise of Full-figured Women
For the past 23 years, one shop in Reykjavik has been changing lives. Women would enter discouraged or shy or depressed only to leave with radiant glow of rekindled self-confidence a short time later. Others, clearly tired from a long search would reappear with a satisfied smile and a spring in their step. Stórar stelpur was opened a quarter of a century ago to meet a need that has only grown over the years. As the fashion industry focussed on increasingly waif-like girls to model their clothes, women who needed larger sizes were sidelined then left totally out of the fashion world. Forced to resort to unflattering, old-fashioned styles, for many, their self-assurance and confidence to a daily pounding or frustration and anger set in at not being able to dress as they would like.

Women all over the world faced the same problem: no shops catered to their needs. In Stórar stelpur, they are increasingly finding the wardrobe that they had only dreamed of previously. They are cared for by staff who understand their dilemma and who go out of their way to provide stylish and fashionable clothing for every occasion, specifically designed for the woman who has a larger size than chain stores stock.

The style and grace of larger women has been a common theme in art and society throughout past ages and Stórar stelpur is bringing the concept up-to-date with beautiful, well-designed outfits that help restore those feelings of beauty, satisfaction and self-assurance that being attractively dressed can bring.

Situated opposite the police station at Hlemmur,
Stórar stelpur opens daily between 11 am and 6 pm
to offer women a fresh look at life.

Stórar stelpur
Hverfisgötu 105 • 101 Reykjavík
+354  551 6688

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