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Slakki Zoo and Play Centre

Close to Skálholt cathedral, in Laugarás, is a family-run, family-friendly centre for families of all ages that is filled with people from opening till closing time. However, with so much space, it never seems crowded. It’s the kind of place where adults can enjoy themselves as much as the children, which probably accounts for its popularity!

A zoo with all the Icelandic farm animals that the children love to get close to, pet and enjoy in safe surroundings, birds from different parts of the world, a large aquarium, a playground and an inside putting green and crazy golf course, pool table and lounge, Slakki makes a perfect place for a family outing! Children love the opportunity to get close to animals of all kinds and to play in the playground, whilst parents can enjoy themselves, too, knowing their children are safe. From horses to mice, and every size and shape in between, animals of every kind are enjoyed inside the houses and outside in the gardens.

The kitten house is always a favourite with many children, as they can hold and pet the kittens for as long as they wish - and that can be a long time!  Even farmers come with their families, wondering why their children love it so much when they have animals at home!

Families will frequently stay all day - even when they were only planning a short visit! It’s hard to leave. It’s good, therefore, that Slakki has a restaurant and café refreshments with home-made snacks, including delicious hamburgers with salad and apple cakes with cream, available. The café is in a small turf house, with plenty of seating outside to eat the yummy, locally-made Kjöris icecream in the sun.

Slakki’s indoor zoo is open from 1pm - 5pm on the last weekend of April and the entire zoo is open every weekend in May and then every day throughout the summer months, until the end of August.

Slakki is one of Iceland’s secrets that is slowly being revealed as more people post pictures, videos and reviews on the Internet - but no web browsing can replace the experience of happy children with shining faces enjoying nature in the safety of the zoo farm! With such a large range of animals so easily accessible and so patient with them, the children gain in so many ways. Compared to stuffed animals and TV, real life always wins hands-down!

Slakki Zoo
Laugarás Biskupstungum • 801 Selfossi
+354 4868907
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