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  The Place with the Country-style Gate
“Daddy, please! Can we? It’s not so far! It’s just past Bifröst on the left when we go north - that’s not even an hour and a half away. It’s got that cool, big tall gate, just like on that cowboy TV show. You can’t miss it! It’s such a special place, with all the animals - it’s like a zoo. The dogs do such funny tricks. The little pigs like to play with them, too. I heard they may have a mare with its foal and a cow with its calf for the summer this year and maybe some rabbits, as well.  And Daddy, it’s really healthy food, too. I know I don’t like eating my vegetables at home, but that’s because they’re frozen and don’t taste so great. They grow their vegetables right there, so they’re as fresh as they can be! Almost everything comes from the land right there or from the surrounding farms, so it’s not stuffed with additives, like the meat we had in Europe!

My friend went there with her family and she said they had a fantastic choice on the menu for lunch. On the á la carte menu, there is lamb from Brekka, beef from Glitstaðir, goat meat from Háafell, and their own pork and eggs. She said there was a vegetarian menu that they tried. It has so many choices they all got something different and it was so good, Daddy.

You know they even have a special children’s menu: burgers, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, sandwiches and a very popular rice pudding and ice cream from Erpsstaðir. She said it was super yummy. We don’t have to go to the restaurant, if you don’t want to because they’ve got this Barn House where we can eat a delicious buffet. You know the students really like it and go there a lot, too. The lunch buffet has home-made, home-grown organic salad and two kinds of soups: one with meat & the other vegetarian. They bake their own rye bread. Plokkfiskur with rye bread and pasta & chicken, different salads, with home-made sauces. They make everything themselves except the pasta.

They have a projector and screen so you could have one of your business meetings there, while we play with the animals or have a nice soak in one of the hot pots. They’re sheltered from the wind, so we won’t get cold. They have a stream and a pond there where they’re going to put some fish but the water wasn’t so good. So do you know what they did? They went way up into the mountains and found this delicious, crystal clear, fresh water stream coming out and now they have the best water!

We could stay there for awhile, Daddy. You know, all the rooms are named after the different norse gods and goddesses. There’s one called, ‘Freya’ - the goddess of fertility and it’s a bridal suite! One couple had a baby girl 9 months after their honeymoon there. Guess what they named her! All the rooms are done in different colours and have showers and toilets. They have three nice cottages on the mountainside, too, where families like ours can stay.

My friend said the view was the best! It’s high up, so you can see for miles up and down the valley. You hear the birds but you don’t hear the traffic! They’re opening a Farmers’ market with woollen products, goat soaps, bath salts, jams, candy, handicrafts like silver jewellery and embroidery - all sorts of crafts & products from the local farms, so we can get some nice gifts, too.  You can look at their website or call Brynja and Jóhann, Daddy!

Starts April
On The a la carté menu, there is lamb from Brekka, beef from Glitstaðir, goat meat from Háafell, our own pork and eggs.  The vegetarian menu is very popular, not only with vegetarian guests -  and then there is The Special children’s menu; burgers, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, sandwiches and the very popular rice pudding and ice cream from Erpsstaðir.

Ferðaþjónustan Hraunsnef
  (Brynja Brynjarsdóttir & Jóhann Harðarson)
Norðurárdal • 311 Borgarbyggð
+354 435 0111/ +354 692 3841

See video about Hraunsnef here

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