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Black & White or Colour? - Reykjavik Excursions

Which experience will you take home?
What’s the difference between a black & white picture and a colour one? They display the same image but there’s a world of richness in the colour version that is missing in the black & white. That’s the difference between driving around to see Iceland and taking a guided tour.
I have visited Snæfellsnes for the last 10 years. I know the scenery - and love it! However, I got more out of one day tour than in all those 10 years of trips put together. I saw places I had never been to - places off the beaten track. I learnt the background behind places I had merely driven past with barely a passing glance. The plain trip was filled out with a richness of history, nature, geology and understanding.

Here is a trip to one of the most famous parts of Iceland - brought to a wider public through Jules Verne’s ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’. Despite its fame, however, there are so many secrets to be revealed on this 500 km. round trip that make this tour of such greater value than just looking at sights on your own.

This is no stale see-the-sights coach tour. It is a plunge into a vibrant, living world that brings you into the world of Iceland and makes you a part of it. The guide brings the tour to life with anecdotes from the Sagas, history that helps you come to know the kind of people the Vikings of today call their ancestors. You go down to the seashore to see the geese swimming and the seals sunning themselves whilst so many varieties of birds swoop and plunge around you. This is up-close and personal.
I pick up a 20 kg. stone and carry it and think I’m pretty strong - but I’d be classed as ‘useless’, if that was all I could carry! I’d never heard of the ‘useless’ stone, the ‘weak’ stone, the ‘half-strength’ or ‘full-strength’ stones used to test a man’s fitness to be a fisherman.

Seeing the rusting bits of twisted iron from the ship-wrecked trawler washed up on the black beach and seeing the pounding surf gave me more of a clear idea of the tough lives these men lived and the risks they took fishing these seas. I never knew how many men lost their lives fishing in open row boats, trying to make a living and provide for their families in past centuries. Here is living history!

That sculpture of the giant, brilliant in its simplicity but powerful in its presentation! How had I never seen that before, nor heard about the pool he bathed in or where he lives? Then there are nature’s own sculptures - dramatic rocks down to delicate moss, clinging precariously to the lava. I took a tour today and took away a totally different experience from my own visits to the area. I came home much richer for it. Reykjavik Excursions offers trips to many different parts of the country; each one as unique as the locations they visit, brought fully to life by professional guides.

Reykjavik Excursions
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