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Living a Dream

Hótel Brú
How many hotels focus on setting the highest standards of design and lavish decoration whilst overlooking the needs of the spirit of their guests? How many dreams come to life? One man’s dream has been to transform an older hotel into an experience to enrich the lives of people from all over the world. His goal of sharing a beautiful location and making it a place from which visitors can take home special memories is now coming to pass.

Hótel Brú - The Bridge Hotel provides the simple comforts of home in a cosy atmosphere, where you feel unrushed and at ease, a place you can sit and chat as the sun turns the bay first golden, then fiery red.
Situated close to the bridge crossing Borgarfjörður bay, across the water from the town of Borgarnes, Hótel Brú sits amidst the bushes where people have stopped for centuries for a break or a picnic to enjoy the view overlooking the bay on one side and sheltered by the mountain range on the other. Just a few hundred metres from the main road going round the country, this hotel has a homey feel to it, whilst providing the facilities expected in a hotel. On all the walls are beautiful pictures highlighting rarely seen views of the countryside, adding to the atmosphere..
Brú is a bridge in many ways - a place where tourists can chat and share experiences over a drink, basking in the setting sun, as the many bird varieties do the same in the bushes around them.

In the distance, the famous Snæfells volcano and glacier rises from the ocean, a reminder of the romance of Jules Verne’s novel, “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. Veigar Freyr Jökulsson, whose name means, ‘son of the glacier’ is the man who is seeing the vision he has held for so long coming to fruition, step-by-step. Through the winter, he has been painstakingly restoring the hotel, which has become a labour of love, where tourists can drop in for a meal in the restaurant or a few nights’ stay in one of its rooms before continuing on their travels around the country. The restaurant provides a genuine Icelandic cuisine with ingredients drawn from the region round about.
It’s easy to find, easy to drop in - but you may not find it so easy to leave!

Hótel Brú
Hafnarskógur • 311 Borgarbyggð
+354 437-2345

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