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Borgarnes B&B

The most beautiful house in town
Borgarnes is becoming known as a town for artists and designers but, long before they started to arrive, the most beautiful house in Borgarnes was built in 1947. Designed by Halldór Jónsson, it has many very unusual features. The house is bright and airy, with paintings on the walls and other beautiful works throughout, making it a very special place to stay.

Its owner, Inger, has now opened it up for visitors to stay and enjoy the beauty of the house and the area it overlooks. The house is ideal for groups wanting some time together. Either a single floor or the whole house is available to rent. Its size and its calm style is just right for small retreats or conferences where a warm comfort is more important than an extravagant hotel’s luxury.

After farming for over 30 years, Inga, decided that she wanted to buy a house in Borgarnes. A friend told her of this house at 11 am and she had bought it by 3 o’clock the same afternoon! When you visit, you will understand why! A unique feature of the house is the theme of cows that is found throughout. Children will love a hunt around the house to find all the cows and other animals in all their forms! There are 7 rooms including a 4-bed family room. The house is very child- and baby-friendly. The garden has a play area with swings and a trampoline but, right next door is a famous play park that an older man crafted specially out of timber for the children in the neighbourhood to enjoy themselves in a beautiful location. Each room also has a TV and free wireless Internet access. Guests can use the very large, beautifully laid-out kitchen, to cook for themselves if they wish - but there is a delicious breakfast available every day.

Located at the tip of the nes, the lounge looks out over the rocks towards the sea. The view is stunning and the sun puts on a spectacular show every clear evening as it dips towards the horizon. The patio below the lounge provides a lovely sheltered spot to enjoy the warmth and the view and the garden. Bird-watchers can enjoy the wide variety of birdlife, both in the tall fir trees and amongst the rocks in the sea. Birds such as eider are frequently seen.

Borgarnes B&B
Skúlagata 21 • 310 Borgarnes
+354 434 1566 / +354 842 5866

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