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One of Reykholt's gems
Whether you’re just stopping off for a coffee and hand-made praline at Cafe Mika or taking a thrill on the RiverJet, or simply passing through Reykholt, your visit would not be complete unless you took some time to browse the tourist shop. Packed with souvenirs to remind you of Iceland, the shop also has a unique feature.

Offering a fascinating passtime for young and old, Garn provides wool and knitting patterns to make sweaters, hats, gloves - or just about anything that can be made with wool! They publish a magazine, Björk, packed with ideas and patterns for producing professional-looking knit wear, both by Icelandic designers and some translated from the Italian ‘Filatura’ and the Norwegian ‘Drops’ companies. This is not the province of old ladies, as many young designers have brought fresh new ideas and designs to complement the traditional patterns that are still so popular. Anyone with reasonable dexterity can produce beautiful products to be proud of! Not a professional? No problem! Here, you can learn from people with experience in the special techniques for this kind of knitting. Once you’re totally hooked, you’ll want to get your own yarn and patterns to take home with you - and Garn provides a wide range of yarn, not only their own brand or from Iceland but also specially imported from China and Turkey. Everything else needed is also available.

When you have finished touring the shop, you may find you have too much to take home with you. Again, not a problem! Garn will ship internationally and has a very modern facility set up for efficient processing of orders. Should you get home and find you want more supplies, their website has a thorough presentation of everything available and an online shop you can order from. With the Internet, your order can be shipped right away from Whilst at Bjarkahöll, you can take advantage of the Internet connection to check your mail or go online or purchase ready-made knitwear of all types that is available there. Take home a special Viking sweater to keep you warm all year round!

Skólabraut 4 • 801 Reykholt
+354 5876655

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